The Best Gifts for New Moms

The best gifts for new moms make them sigh with relief rather than adding to their to-do list. Being a new mom is exhausting. She doesn’t need a thirtieth baby onesie to pre-wash with baby-safe detergent (yes, that is a thing).

Try to remove some of the burden rather than giving her another task. Here are some new mom gift ideas that she will actually appreciate.

Best Gifts for New Moms

New Mom Gifts

All of these gifts come with the caveat that you must take care of the logistics. If you give her a robot vacuum, get it set up and going for her. If you want to give an “experience”, it better come with babysitting.

  • Skip the Dishes or other meal-delivery service gift card
  • Lawn cutting service
  • Massage gift certificate (plus babysitting by you)
  • Tacos (honestly, as long as they’re warm and ready to eat)
  • Shearling slippers
  • Robot vaccum
  • Yeti mug (a big one with a lid)
  • Freezer full of meals
  • Babysitting at a specific date and time of her choosing
  • Frozen muffins
  • House cleaning (and babysitting)
  • Mani pedi (and babysitting)
  • Amazon prime membership
  • Starbucks card or some other caffeine infusion
  • Cut up fruit and veggies (on some kind of non-returnable tray)
  • Netflix or other streaming service subscription
  • Amazon e-gift card
  • Headband or hat to deal with new mama hair
Gifts for New Moms


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