Gardening with Kids: A Mama’s Guide

Gardening with kids *can* be a totally fun and rewarding experience. It can also be a bit of a headache without the right prep. Here’s exactly how to make gardening with kids realistic and worthwhile!

Kids Garden Trowel in Soil

Key Prep For Gardening with Kids

  1. Find safe soil to dig in.
  2. Choose the right clothing. We like the Muddy Buddy, rubber gum boots, or crocs/native washable shoes.
  3. Get kid-sized gardening tools.
Gum Boots for Kids Garden Play

Kids Garden Activities

There is so much to do with children in the garden! Here are a few ideas:

  1. Plant seeds (peas are easy)
  2. Plant some herbs (plants are easy to find at the grocery store) – here’s how to plant a herb container garden
  3. Plant some strawberry plants (order the dormant plants online)
  4. Pull weeds (and some plants that look like weeds….?)
  5. Find garden critters like earthworms and snails
  6. Make dirt roads and rivers with the garden hose
  7. Mix up fallen leaves and coffee grounds to make compost
  8. Collect rocks, leaves, and other garden treasures
Growing a Strawberry Garden with Children
Snail on Raised Garden Bed

Best Gear for Gardening with Kids

These items can make your life easier when gardening with kids!

  • Raised garden beds at kid level
  • Kid-sized watering can, trowel, and rake
  • Numerous small buckets
  • Garden hose nozzle with automatic off option
  • Kiddie pool
Easy to Reach Container Garden


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