Kids Berry Garden: Spring Preschool Project

This spring gardening project is a kids berry garden. Kids LOVE dirt. But sometimes they don’t love being patient, being gentle, or not being in control. It IS possible to have a garden that’s fun for the whole growing season, but it takes a bit of work up front.

While we do grow some plants from seeds and from overwintered roots, my toddler has taken personal ownership of our berry garden. This is hands-down her favourite part of our yard and she now calls it her own garden.

It’s just strawberries and blueberries.

The plants live through the winter, take very little maintenance, and seem to multiply on their own. They can stand up to quite a bit of toddler abuse without much of a care. AND toddlers love watering plants and collecting berries.

Picking Strawberries and Blueberries with Kids

So… get yourself some strawberry plants and a few blueberry bushes. They’re not expensive and SO worth it. You’ll get strawberries pretty quickly. Blueberries might take a year….but again….worth it. Your little ones will love picking fruit they’ve grown!


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