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  • Learning music

    Learning music

    Learning music is a beautiful journey for you and your kids, but it can be electrifying and difficult all at once. We all want our children to experience the magic of melodies and rhythms. And yet, we often find ourselves wondering how best to introduce them to this wonderful world without overwhelming them. Benefits of…

  • Musical instruments for kids

    Musical instruments for kids

    Learning to play an instrument has lots of benefits, no matter your age. There are tons of fun and functional instruments that your little one can learn to play music on. Or, you can even create your own! Learn all about the benefits of musical instruments for kids in this blog post. Musical instruments for…

  • Sleep music

    Sleep music

    The right meditative sounds can lull you into a deep sleep. The best sleep music helps create optimal sleep conditions so you can get that restorative sleep your body craves. Try these listening ideas to help quiet your mind and drift off into dreamland. The best music for sleeping Generally, the best music provides a…