Yes, a Milk Frother is Worth It

Ok. This is one of the first things I need every day.

Mama needs coffee. And when mama has something… babe wants something too.


Good Morning written in coffee beans

Not too hot, maybe only half of it is steamed….but your babe will get a special “coffee” drink while you have your real high-octane java. Just make a bit extra steamed milk when you make your latte and use it to top off a small kids glass of milk. You could even get fancy and top with nutmeg or cinnamon or cocoa. Yum!

Coffee Cups with Steamed Milk

Cups for Kids Steamed Milk

Use a cup that’s not going to break (or break down). Stainless steel espresso cups work perfectly. I got two for free with a Nespresso order and use them every day.

latte with steamed milk in front of laptop


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