Duh …Just Get Out the Play-Doh!

Why do I always forget about Play-Doh! It’s SUCH a good activity for 2+ year old toddlers. It’s perfect when it’s raining outside, it’s perfect when quiet is required, and it’s perfect when mama is just plain exhausted.

Toddler Play Doh Colors

You need the Play-Doh itself, but your little one will also be MUCH more entertained if you’ve got little Play-Doh tools. If I had the time or inclination, I suppose I could make homemade dough and my toddler could just use real baking stuff (cookie cutters, rolling pin, et cetera). BUT ….realistically…. this is never going to happen.

So I bought a kit for $20 on Amazon that has the dough and the tools. Yay!

The HOURS of fun that this twenty bucks has bought my toddler is downright incredible. It’s also kind of amazing to watch a two-year-old learn to assemble a mini dough extruder. And none of the Play-Doh “ice cream cones” she has made have been consumed (another Yay!). All in all…quite worth the cost.

Would purchase again! (…and will probably end up purchasing many more cups of Play-Doh…)


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