Tangerine Bank Review

Tangerine bank review

I’ve been banking with Tangerine since before it was called Tangerine. Overall, I’ve been very happy with Tangerine Bank and have noticed only a couple of drawbacks over the years. Let’s look at my findings as a customer in this tangerine bank review.

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Tangerine bank review

Benefits of Tangerine bank

Here are my favorite things about Tangerine Bank:

  1. It’s all online. No parking, waiting, talking to a human, et cetera…
  2. The app is good. I can do most of my banking from my phone.
  3. The website and app interface don’t look like they’re from the early 2000’s.
  4. It’s easy to find your statements at tax time.
  5. Once you’ve signed your signature once, you don’t have to send in additional signatures. I’ve added various products to my account online without having to physically sign any new documents.
  6. The Cash-Back Tangerine World Mastercard has no annual fee.
  7. The investment advisors on the phone seem thorough.
  8. It’s easy to buy index funds without incurring crazy high fees.
  9. They offer special interest rates on new savings deposits fairly regularly.
  10. The interface offers easy ways to set and save for goals, as well as set-and-forget automated transfers to savings.
Tangerine Bank Review 1

Drawbacks of Tangerine Bank

Here are some things about Tangerine Bank that irritate me:

  1. Tangerine doesn’t do wire transfers. Not a big deal, but it can be irritating if you do wire transfers. I had to use TD Bank instead after searching online for the SWIFT code to no avail.
  2. There is no automatic way to align Tangerine Mastercard cash back categories with spending. It should be easier and less restrictive to optimize them. But I suppose that would cost them in the end.
  3. You can’t deposit US cheques into your US dollar account. Huh?

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