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  • Gingerbread decor ideas

    Looking for some gingerbread decor ideas? Here is some inspiration for decorating your home like a giant gingerbread house, whether you’re focused on exterior holiday decor or making indoors feel like a cozy cottage. Some of these images are real life, while I made others with AI using Canva Magic. Happy decorating everyone!

  • Holiday traditions

    Holiday traditions

    Holiday traditions are an integral part of the holiday season. They bring people together, create a sense of community, and help to preserve cultural and personal values. Whether it’s baking cookies, decorating a Christmas tree, or fasting for Ramadan, holiday traditions are an important way to celebrate and honor the holiday season! See how we…

  • What is a cookie crawl?

    What is a cookie crawl?

    What would Christmas be without cookies!? Like so many holiday traditions, finding the time it takes to bake cookies can be daunting during the busy holiday season. When you are too busy to bake but still want nostalgic Christmas cookies, you need to find a cookie crawl. What is a cookie crawl? A cookie crawl…