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  • How to read to kids

    How to read to kids

    Learn how to read to kids with these simple tips for parents, caregivers, and teachers.

  • Early literacy

    Early literacy

    Early literacy skills are critical for your child’s success in school (and beyond!). For young learners, literacy skills are those needed to set them up for reading and writing success in later years. Keep reading to learn how to help support your child’s early literacy journey at home. What is early literacy? According to the…

  • Letter tracing ideas

    Letter tracing ideas

    Is your little one starting to learn how to write letters and working on their letter recognition? Here are some tips to help teach your child proper letter formation with some fun letter tracing activities! We’ve also added in some extra tips and tricks to help with forming letters, including ways to develop fine motor…

  • Alphabet tracing sheet

    Alphabet tracing sheet

    If you’re looking for a fun and helpful way to help your preschool and kindergarten students (and kiddos!) learn their letters, look no further than alphabet letter tracing sheets! Alphabet tracing sheets are a great way to reinforce letter learning, as kids can see how to write each letter in a variety of fonts and…

  • Sight word sentences

    Sight word sentences

    Last month, we looked at when to teach sight words and where to begin. The next step is to move on to small sentences of sight words. Let’s have a look at sight word sentences for emergent readers! Learning sight words is an important step in literacy development because much of the text we read…

  • How to teach sight words

    How to teach sight words

    Getting ready to teach your pre-K or Kindergarten students how to read sight words? If you’re looking for some ideas about sight word instruction, you’re in the right place! To teach sight words, start by choosing a list of sight words such as the popular Dolch Sight Word List. Print out the list and consider…

  • When to teach sight words

    When to teach sight words

    Is your little one getting ready to enter preschool or kindergarten? Then this is a great age to try teaching them sight words! Sight words are most commonly introduced at the preschool level when children are approximately four years old. A preschooler’s first 40 sight words generally include small numbers (one, two, three), primary colors…

  • Prepositions of place for kindergarten

    Prepositions of place for kindergarten

    Prepositions are the words that go along with or introduce nouns, pronouns, and noun phrases, and describe the time, place, location, direction, or relationship with another item. Prepositions of place are especially important in kindergarten as kids learn to interact with the expanding world around them. Keep reading for some great resources that will help…

  • Early literacy tips

    Early literacy tips

    What exactly is “Literacy,” anyway? Usually, when we think of literacy, we think about reading, right? There’s a lot more to it… But setting your child up for success in their early literacy learning doesn’t have to be tough. So, here are some tips to get you started in the early years! Reading skills &…

  • Best books for 1 year old

    Best books for 1 year old

    The best books for a 1-year-old child can hold their attention with entertaining fun all the way through the book (hopefully). The best books in this age range also teach concepts such as counting, colors, the alphabet, daily rituals, kindness, helping, and even sharing. But there are a few additional things to think about when…

  • What is a board book?

    What is a board book?

    Reading to our kids is something that can start right away…even while they’re tiny! Many young readers are entertained and encouraged by being read to and following along with the illustrations. Board books are often the first pages we turn, as they are durable enough for babies and toddlers! So what is a board book?…