Helping Tower: The Fancy Stool Your Toddler Needs NOW

The helping tower is hands-down the most used piece of toddler gear in our house. We all love the helping tower. My mom saw it on Instagram and recommended it to me. I ordered it on Amazon and it arrived fully assembled in about a week. Now its in use every…single…day…

Helping Tower to Help Toddler Reach Countertop

The tower is very stable and allows our toddler to participate in cooking and eat at the counter while I work. I got this one off Amazon, and I think the maker also sells on Etsy. I’ve also seen other models for sale at big box stores.

My kid eats her Cheerios standing on her helping tower, she does her Play-Doh there, and we even have coffee time there….it gets used all day.

Worth it!! 100%

Playing with Play Doh


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