A Sip and See Party for a Newborn Baby

Ever been to a Sip and See? Since we opted out of having a baby shower, we decided to host a sip and see party for our out-of-town family. Here’s a look into our simple get-together to introduce our newborn baby!

Organic Flowers at Sip and See Party - Southern Front Porch

What is a Sip and See Party?

A sip and see party is an open house where guests are welcome to come meet the new baby. It is kind of like a baby shower except that the focus is on guests visiting and meeting the baby rather than gifts and games.

Our goal for the party was definitely for our loved ones to get some quality time with her and so a sip and see was the right fit for us. She has everything she needs and we’re also not really into party games (we’re no fun lol).

Bee Cupcake Toppers at Sip and See Baby Open House

There are a few other nice things about sip and see parties. They’re more inclusive than baby showers in that it’s more than ok to invite dads and kids. We also really liked that we could hold the event ourselves (I’m kind of a control freak lol).

It also cut down on my housework. Instead of tidying for each guest separately I only had to make sure the house was in really good shape for one day lol (doing housework with a newborn is like a giant game of chess…a game I usually seem to lose).

Floral Merangues - Food Ideas for a Sip & See Baby Party

Floral-Themed Sip and See

In the spirit of keeping things simple we decided on a floral-themed sip and see. We got some beautiful organic flowers, matching flower crowns, and made some giant DIY tissue paper flowers. Easy peasy! I also couldn’t help slipping in a few bees here and there. Bees love flowers right!?

Bee Cupcakes for Baby Shower - Gold Modern Bee

DIY Sip and See Food

For the party food, we made some simple appetizers that could be prepped quickly (I’m all about easy right now!). The party was in the middle of the afternoon, so the food was all snacks and finger food. We also picked up some yummy cupcakes, cake pops, and meringues from a local cake shop.

Watermelon Feta Mint on Toothpick for Summer Appetizer

Watermelon+feta+mint is pretty darn tasty! Pop them on a toothpick with balsamic glaze and enjoy 🙂

Bee Cupcakes for a Bee Themed Party

I got these super-cute bee cupcake toppers on Etsy  …couldn’t resist 😉

Sip & See Outfit

She wore an adorable grey linen romper from local clothing co. Nest and Nurture. Fortunately there was a sale on Freshly Picked moccasinsso I was able to snap up a pair of those too! They’d been on my wish list for her for way too long (ever since I heard the founder interviewed on a podcast) so I’ve been watching for deals.

She also wore one of her organic gerber onesies under the romper. She wore them every day this summer. The gerber onesies are super well made and stand up very well. She’s growing so fast though now I’m going to have to size up!

Kids White Play Tent for Party with Bunting and Pink Tissue Paper Flower
Bare Baby Feet

She kicked off her shoes pretty early in the party…

Making Your Own Photo String Wall

Sip & See Photo Wall

We kept the DIY sip and see decor very simple. My aunts helped put together a photo wall with some of the best photos we have of Bea so far. We strung jute twine across the wall and used regular clothespins to attach photos. It was easy and I’m so happy with how it turned out that I left it up!

The photo wall was a nice place to chat with our guests.

Attending a Sip and See Party

Sip & See Party Supplies

Organic Flowers at Baby Shower

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out our little one’s sip & see! Hopefully it’s the first of many fun parties for her.

Mary Jane Duford

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