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Preschool money worksheets

Money is a part of our everyday lives. Starting to teach children about money while they are young will set them up with important financial literacy skills that they will use throughout their lifetime.

When it comes to teaching preschoolers about money, there are a few basics that they should learn. Coin recognition and counting coins are some of these important skills, and can be fun to practice with worksheets, too.

Addition and subtraction with money are also important concepts for kids to understand. These preschool money worksheets will introduce children to basic addition, coin names, and coin values.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your preschooler the basics of money, try using these preschool money worksheets! You’ll find some PDF’s to download below.

We’re also going to talk a little bit about how to use money worksheets, the benefits of teaching kids about money, and some quick tips for making learning about money fun!

*Also, I know this post is titled “preschool money worksheets,” but they could easily be used as money worksheets for Kindergarten, too! It’s all about where your child’s individual learning is at.

money name matching worksheet with real coins

Pair the worksheets with real coins

Pairing these with real coins make them dually useful as coin identification worksheets! Having manipulatives is also super helpful for young learners. Holding a coin, inspecting it, and matching it to what is shown on the sheets are great ways to reinforce learning (and make it feel more ‘real‘).

Free money worksheets

Looking for a free money worksheet for your preschooler to use? Look no further!

Actually, here are three free worksheets that we have developed for you to download and use. In these worksheets your child can practice:

  • Reading coin names
  • Identifying coins (both the front and back of each)
  • Recognizing and writing coin values
  • Counting the number of coins
  • Bonus: The cutting and pasting section helps to develop gross motor skills!

Simply click on the buttons below for free downloadable PDFs, print them, and have some money learning fun!

These free worksheets are also available for download on Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here.

How to use a preschool money worksheet to teach counting, addition, and subtraction

Preschool money worksheets are a great way to introduce the basics of money to kids. They can help kids learn about counting coins and bills, and also introduce them to basic math concepts.

Simple matching and educational activities can also help with coin recognition, too, which is a very important skill as your little ones learn to identify the difference between coin values.

Here are a few ideas for how to use preschool money worksheets to introduce these important concepts:

  • Have kids count out a certain number of coins and then identify the total amount of money
  • Draw a line from each coin to its corresponding value
  • Label each coin with its value, and then have kids count out a certain amount of money with real coins

All of these activities will help kids learn the basics of money, and they can be a lot of fun too!

money coloring worksheet

5 Benefits of teaching kids about money

There are many benefits to teaching kids about money early on. It can help them develop important life skills, and also give them a better understanding of the world around them (among other benefits!).

Here are a few benefits of teaching kids about money:

  1. It can help them develop important life skills
    • Teaching kids about money can help them develop important life skills such as budgeting, goal setting, and financial planning. These are skills that they will use throughout their lives, and so it’s important to establish a solid foundation in financial literacy early on.
    • While they won’t be using money worksheets to track their spending as adults, they will likely be using budgeting tools. These worksheets normalize that process early on!
    • Since money is both tangible and digital, it’s helpful to use a money worksheet so that they get used to thinking of money as an abstract concept too.
  2. It can give them a better understanding of the world around them
    • Money is a big part of our lives, and so it’s important for kids to understand how it works! Teaching them about money can help them understand the world around them better and also have a deeper appreciation for expensive items.
    • Not only is learning about the values of money important, but these worksheets also teach basic math skills like addition, repeated addition, and subtraction!
  3. It can help them make smarter decisions with their own money
    • If kids understand the value of money and how to manage it, they will be more likely to make smart decisions with their own money when they grow up. This can lead to a better financial future for them!
  4. It can teach them important life lessons
    • Teaching kids about money can also teach them important life lessons such as the importance of saving, being responsible with money, and avoiding debt. These are all valuable lessons that they will carry with them throughout their lives, and increase their chances of financial success as they age.
  5. It can be fun!
    • Teaching kids about money doesn’t have to be dull or boring. There are plenty of fun and engaging activities that can help make learning about money fun for kids. This can make it more likely that they will retain what they learn and be interested in learning more.
    • It doesn’t just have to be money worksheets and counting money, either! I’m thinking of lemonade stands, DIY craft sales, selling seedlings in the spring… Teaching your little one about money will give them the foundation they need for fun activities like these!

Overall, there are many benefits to teaching kids about money. It’s important to start early so that they can develop important life skills, and also so that they can have a better understanding of the world around them.

money matching worksheet cut and paste

How to make learning about money fun

Making learning about money fun is important to help kids stay engaged and interested.

There are a few ways you can make preschool money worksheets more fun for kids:

  • Add a game element to the money worksheets. For example, you could turn counting coins into a race to see who can count the most in a minute.
  • Use real coins or play money instead of pictures of coins. This way, kids can handle the money and get a better understanding of its value. I would suggest using these with money worksheets to reinforce learning.
  • Make it competitive. See who can correctly answer the most questions or identify the most coins in a short period of time.
  • Set savings goals. Count the money that they actually have and set a savings goal together (for something they want). Make sure that the goal is reasonable so that they can reach it relatively easy! As they get older, you could set both short and long-term goals.

By making money worksheets more fun, kids will be more likely to learn and retain the information. Additionally, they’ll be more likely to enjoy doing them.

Again, remember: These can also be used as coin worksheets for Kindergarten students! It’s all about meeting our kiddos where they are at, so don’t get too stuck on the fact that these are labeled as being for preschool!

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