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Number tracing worksheets

If you’re looking for a fun and helpful way to help your preschool and kindergarten students (and kiddos!) learn their numbers, look no further than these number tracing worksheets! Number tracing sheets are a great way to reinforce number learning, as kids can practice tracing, writing, and counting all on one page. They are also enjoyable for kids, as they can color in the numbers once they have traced them and the pictures once they have been counted.

Keep reading to see how we suggest these free printable worksheets be paired with other learning activities!

Number Tracing Worksheets printable
The PDF below has free number tracing from 0-10 in both color and black and white!

Free number tracing worksheets

Number tracing worksheets are available for free by either clicking the PDF in this post or heading over to Crosson’s Classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers. Simply download and print them out, and you’re ready to go!

With these free printable worksheets, your children can work on their number writing and number identification. First, they will learn how to write the number and its name, then they will have number writing practice. Finally, they are asked to count the number of corresponding objects and to demonstrate the number on their hands.

Once they have finished the worksheet (or before using the free printables), you can practice number recognition and counting with the activities suggested below.

Before using these worksheets

Before younger kids are ready to start writing, it’s important that their fine motor skills are developed. These are the skills needed to hold a pencil, after all! Try making fine motor development a part of your everyday routine. If you need ideas, The Imagination Tree has 40 activities here!

Activity ideas for fine motor skills and number recognition

If you want extra practice, try using a free number tracing worksheet in conjunction with other activities. Be sure to emphasize vocabulary, too, and have conversations about numbers that reinforce early math learning skills. You can talk about which numbers are “more than” or “less than” other numbers, or add groups of numbers together to count how many objects you have “altogether”.

See some activity ideas below!

children working on number tracing worksheets.

Fine motor skills

Here are some ways to give your children number writing practice outside of the number worksheets with a variety of tactile activities.

  • Writing in the sand. Have your children use their fingers to write numbers in the sand.
  • Create sensory bags. You can fill a Ziploc bag with paint, hair gel, or dish soap. Simply seal it up (I always tape the top to be safe) and let your child practice writing! They can use their finger or a Q-Tip.
  • Writing in rice. All you need for this is rice and a tray! Using their fingers, they can write numbers in the rice.

These are just three ideas to practice number formation with your preschoolers and/or kindergarteners. With some creativity and basic household supplies, there are tons of ways you could practice writing numbers outside of worksheets!

Number recognition

While these free number tracing worksheets are great for writing practice, there are lots of other ways to practice number recognition with children.

  • Practice every day. Numbers are all around us. We can count objects around us like the number of flowers in a garden or veggies on a plate.
  • Create simple games. An easy one I love is creating a parking garage with a number in each space. Then, put a corresponding number on each car. Get your little ones to park their cars in the correct space. See the photo below!
  • Disappearing chalk numbers. Write out numbers 1 through 10 on the ground outside in chalk. Then, give your child a paintbrush or small sponge and ask them to make the numbers disappear by tracing them.
orange piece of paper with numbers one through five written in black marker and a line separating each. also pictures is a child organizing cars into the spaces that have corresponding numbers taped to the tops.

Enjoying these number tracing worksheets? Check these out!

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We hope you love these free printable number worksheets! With enough practice, your children will be able to quickly and accurately write numbers and their names, count numbers, and be able to demonstrate numbers on their hands.

BTW, have you tried these number tracing pages (or any of our other many worksheets?) Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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