Family portrait photographers located in Vancouver, BC, Canada

17+ Vancouver family photographers

Choosing among the many talented Vancouver family photographers can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for an on-location beach or park photoshoot or a traditional in-studio session, there are dozens of choices to sift through.

Searching among the many talented artists in this vibrant city is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You want someone who will capture your family’s unique dynamics and precious moments perfectly. Here’s a taste of 17+ of the best family photographers in the lower mainland so you can find the best fit for your fam.

1. Rebecca Sehn

In the bustling Vancouver family photographer scene, Rebecca Sehn is a stand-out with her distinctive style of directed candid photography. She ensures that each photograph retains its natural feel without sacrificing aesthetics – an approach much appreciated by maternity clients and families alike.

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The magic behind this unique approach lies in its ability to capture real emotions among family members during photoshoots. Rebecca’s work is testament to how this method can create compelling narratives through images, making every photo session with her a story waiting to be told about love, connection and joy within families.

Rebecca Sehn’s website:

2. Jane Thomson

For studio portraits of your family, Jane Thomson is the obvious choice in Vancouver. Jane’s work has been featured in both local and international magazines, and she is well-known on Instagram for her popular account, @portraitsofdogs. Her high-end traditional family portrait sessions are customized to each of her clients, many of whom return year after year for more images as their children grow.

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Jane Thomson has a classic photography style that produces classic images you’ll keep forever. You can get more details on her family photography package on her website.

Jane Thomson’s website:

3. Anna Alexander

In the realm of family photography, one name stands out for consistently capturing those fleeting moments that define early childhood: Anna Alexander. This talented Vancouver family photographer has been voted the best baby photographer in Vancouver for five years running.

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Anna’s signature style? It’s all about using natural light to bring a sense of innocence and charm into each photograph. Her approach allows every child’s unique personality to shine through while preserving these precious moments with stunning clarity.

Anna Alexander’s website:

4. Annie Chen

Annie Chen is a Vancouver family photographer focused on fun, laid-back sessions for her clients. She travels to on-location shoots within the lower mainland, including Richmond, Delta, Langley, and Burnaby.

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In addition to family photos, Annie also does custom school photos, maternity photoshoots, and a whole host of other family-related occasions.

Annie Chen’s website:

5. Erica Matewish

If you’re in search of an all-around Vancouver family photographer, look no further than Erica Matewish. Her versatility and talent are evident across a variety of photographic styles, from newborn shoots to candid captures at familial events. She even does headshots, weddings, birth, and boudoir photography.

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Beyond just being an acclaimed studio photographer, she also has a knack for capturing unscripted moments during family gatherings. These spontaneous shots offer authentic glimpses into dynamic relationships within families, making them cherished keepsakes for years down the line.

Erica Matewish’s website:

Family portrait photographers located in Vancouver, BC, Canada

6. Jayme Lang

For an on-location photographer in and around Vancouver, Jayme Lang is a top choice. Her work isn’t about capturing posed smiles but genuine emotions amidst candid moments of joyous chaos typical of any household. She has an eye for detail, patience, and most importantly, an understanding families’ dynamics.

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With an artist like Jayme Lang, we don’t merely get images; we receive timeless keepsakes etched with memories.

Jayme Lang’s website:

7. Kelly Warkentin

Kelly Warkentin stands out for her ability to create intimate portraits that capture the emotions and connections between families in Vancouver. She doesn’t just click pictures; she encapsulates the emotions and connections that bind a family together.In essence, every photo session with Kelly is an opportunity for families in Vancouver to capture amazing memories through deeply touching photographs.

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The cornerstone of Kelly’s work as a talented Vancouver Family Photographer lies in capturing those fleeting moments shared between loved ones. These aren’t your typical posed shots but rather genuine interactions among individuals caught on camera at precisely the right moment.

Kelly Warkentin’s website:

8. Karen Ley

Karen Ley is another fantastic all-around family photographer. Her images are mainly shot on location or at events, but she also does offer studio sessions. She particularly excells in seasonal photos (think spring blossoms, autumn leaves, and the odd snow day).

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Her approach towards capturing perfect moments in family photos involves focusing on spontaneous instances rather than staged smiles. This technique results in images filled with genuine emotions – laughter, love, connection; essentially reflecting the true essence of what it means when we say ‘family’.

Karen Ley’s website:

Portrait - Canadian Family

9. Erica Miller

Erica Miller is an all-round family photographer based in the lower mainland of British Columbia. She does everything from family portraits to engagement, weddings, elopements, and boudour.

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Erica Miller’s website:

10. Nadia Hung

Nadia Hung is mainly a wedding photographer, but she also does lovely family photography work. She’s a great option if you’re looking for an airy, editorial photoshoot for your fam. Her photos are very classy and always feature beautiful lighting.

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Nadia Hung’s website:

11. Perlla Faschoway

Perlla Faschoway is family photographer who specializes in weddings, maternity, and other special moments. She also does amazing on-location seasonal photos, like this one from the 2023 sunflower festival in Richmond, BC.

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A hallmark of Perlla’s style involves using unconventional angles and playing with light and shadow elements. She also incorporates natural settings or architectural details into her compositions in unexpected ways – creating not just snapshots, but pieces of art.

Perlla Faschoway’s website:

12. Nicole Park

Nicole Park is a family photographer who works mainly in and around BC and Alberta. Her high-key lifestyle images are always Instagram-ready and perfect for sharing online. She often situates her photoshoots in natural settings rather than urban centers (think meadows, beaches, mountains).

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Nicole Park’s website:

13. Eve Dubelt

Eve Dubelt’s qphotography is known for finding beauty in ordinary surroundings. She can transform everyday scenes into extraordinary backdrops.

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Eve photographs weddings, engagements, and family events. She captures real-life activities to showcase authentic interactions among family members during regular routines or special occasions. She works to make sure each photograph has visual appeal while still appearing candidly captured.

Eve Dubelt’s website:

14. Laura Lee

Laura Lee brings her unique touch by incorporating nature prominently within her shots, creating visuals that resonate deeply with viewers. Her talent lies not only in clicking great portraits but also using elements from surrounding environments.

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Laura shoots both in the studio and on-location. She publishes a schedule of future photoshoot locations so that you can make appropriate plans if outdoor or seasonal photography is on your wish list.

Laura Lee’s website:

Taking family portraits in Vancouver, BC

15. Nikoletta Kovacs

Nikoletta Kovacs is a Vancouver-based photographer on a mission to capture human moments. Her photos always tell a story, allowing her clients to remember their favorite moments more clearly.

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Nikoletta Kovacs’s website:

16. Sarah Jane Hoekstra

Sarah Jane Hoekstra is an award-winning photographer based in Vancouver. Her images speak for themselves in terms of her beautiful portrait, family, and wedding work.

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Sarah Jane Hoekstra’s website:

17. Danielle Gwilliam

Danielle Gwilliam is both a photographer and videographer. Her reputation as one amongst talented Vancouver family photographers comes from her unrelenting pursuit towards experimentation.

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Her portfolio showcases diverse styles ranging from dramatic black-and-white filters to soft focus shots conveying dreamy aesthetics. This adaptability allows her flexibility when capturing amazing memories during varied occasions such as newborn shoots or beachside maternity photoshoots.

Danielle Gwilliam’s website:

18. Cris Mengatto

When it comes to whimsical newborn portraits and beachside maternity shoots, Cris Mengatto is a name that stands out in the local scene. His magical touch transforms ordinary scenes into extraordinary memories. The talent lies not just in his technical skills but also in his ability to capture those fleeting moments that make each photo session unique.

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Cris Mengatto’s website:

19. Rochelle Elise Pianalto

Rochelle Elise Pianalto has a knack for manipulating natural light effectively. This talent allows her to create stunning contrasts within her photographs that make them stand out from other talented photographers’ works.

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Rochelle Elise Pianalto’s website:

FAQs about Vancouver family photographers

Why should you get family photos taken?

Family photography captures precious moments and milestones. It helps preserve memories that can be cherished for generations. Additionally, it can strengthen bonds by bringing families together during photo sessions.

How much do family photoshoots cost?

The cost varies depending on factors like location, duration of the shoot, and number of edited images provided, as well as the experience and booking availability of the photographer. On average though, expect to pay between $200-$400 per hour for a professional family photoshoot.