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10+ gifts for midwives

When we have important people in our lives, we often want to show our appreciation for all that they have done to help us. Someone who is helping us bring a precious child into our lives is no different but it can be difficult to figure out just what to give or say to sum up our gratitude. After calling a few midwife centers or independent midwives, I got the impression that many mothers are indeed looking for nice things to do for their midwives who have helped them bring a baby into the world. They gave me a few good ideas of gifts that they’ve received and appreciated.

Here is a list of several gift ideas you can give to your midwife or doula to show her just how much you appreciate all of her hard work. 

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1. Sweets

The most common gifts that midwives get are cookies, hot chocolate, or other sweets either handmade or catered in. They said that they all liked the sugar, but it was a very common gift and it sounded like they had a lot of sweets already in the center.

It really depends on the midwife and her likes and dislikes, but cakes, cookies, or brownies might be best for a birthing center where multiple staff have helped in the delivery. If your midwife likes sugar, gifting her with her favorite goodies would be a fun way to say ‘thank you’!

Or, healthy snacks

Since sweet treats seem to be the most common gift, you could make a little gift basket filled with healthy snacks instead! This is an easy way to show support for your doula or midwife – These snacks may be just what they need to keep them fueled during a busy day or on a tough night shift! You could also include a personalized water bottle, so they can stay hydrated while on the run.

2. Gift cards

A good go-to that they recommended was a gift card for the midwife if you really want to get something nice. Consider finding her favorite coffee shop like Jason’s Deli or Starbucks near the hospital/birthing center so you can treat her to a well-deserved snack. That would give her the flexibility to get what she wants.

Another gift card idea that one of the birthing centers suggested was a gift card for a massage or to an outlet mall. Giving the gift of relaxation is always a thoughtful idea!

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3. Flowers or plants

Flowers are usually a nice surprise for most women. They’re an easy and beautiful way to show that you’re grateful. Many midwives have even received plants as gifts. If purchasing a bouquet of flowers, a nice thought is to provide a vase to go with the bouquet. That way she doesn’t have to worry about finding a container on the fly and can place her flowers where she’d like.

4. Greeting cards

The first midwife I called said that she often told her clients not to get her anything because she really didn’t like the gifts, but a nice thoughtful card was the best kind of gift for her. The others I called agreed that happiness cards were the sweetest thing that they could receive. The gift cards they received were welcome, but they appreciated the cards because they were more special for them.

Putting your gratitude and appreciation into words can mean so much to your midwife, as it comes from your heart. Mentioning how your midwife has impacted you in your journey towards motherhood could be the best gift your midwife could receive. After all, they are there for one of the biggest moments of your life – And having a reminder of how much that meant is a lovely gesture!

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5. Homemade gifts

Gifts don’t always have to be store-bought. If you are a crafter of any sort, the fact that you thought so highly of her to give all of your effort and time to knit or crochet a shawl or blanket, paint a painting, or write a poem, is incredibly touching. The personalized touch of these gifts can mean more than a midwife can put into words.

If you’re a photographer, you could also offer to take some photos for your midwife as thanks for everything they did during your pregnancy. Whether it’s headshots for their business or a framed photo for their wall, this would be a great midwife gift!

6. Hand creams and ointments

Like many other professions, our hands are some of our most important tools. Getting your midwife a skincare routine basket is a very nice way to show how much you appreciate her hard work, as it can be hard to find time to yourself when you are on call. A bottle of hand lotion that would be able to easily slip into a bag with no mess would be invaluable to any midwife who finds herself in need of just a little skincare pick-me-up.

You could also put everything into a tote bag, which is a great practical gift.

7. Novelty and gag gifts

Sometimes, what your midwife might enjoy is a gift that can make you both laugh. Giving her a coffee mug or bag with a pun related to her job will surely give a fond chuckle. Keychains and other easily scribed surfaces are also good choices for such gifts. I would check Etsy for something like this!

If puns don’t meet your delight, custom ordering a gift with an inside joke between you and your midwife might do the trick! The birthing experience can be intense, so offering a light-hearted thank you gift is a nice way to bring joy to their day. It’s a stressful job, after all!

8. Massage

A gift card to a massage therapist could be just what your midwife needs after a very long day. Looking into your local massage studio packages can give you insight into what type of massage would be best for your midwife. Common massage types for gift cards include a Swedish massage, aromatherapy massages, and deep-tissue massages. Sometimes, you can just get a card that works for any service!

9. Coffee and tea

Giving a basket of nice coffee or tea to your midwife to share around her team or center could be a good option as many midwives enjoy caffeine’s effects to help them keep them going through the long nights and days they may experience while working. Paired with a nice cookie or another dessert, or even a gift card to a favored local café is sure to lift any midwife’s spirits.

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10. Making a Donation to a Perinatal Organization

Your midwife may be a woman who is very passionate about issues surrounding perinatal care. Making a donation in her name may just make her day. But always check to see if the organization or charity you are donating to is one that your midwife supports, even if it ruins the surprise. This way, you know your money is going to a cause that is important to them, and that will help many moms, too.

11. Combining gifts

Sometimes, a gift doesn’t have to be one singular thing. A gift basket can include a variety of things for your midwife to experience. A tea and coffee basket could pair well with some cookies and biscuits. A massage gift card might pair well with a lotion or ointment set. Gift cards to a restaurant or cafe might pair well with a box of sweets. A happiness card can help elevate any other gift it is paired with as you show your appreciation for your midwife.


We hope that some of these gift ideas have inspired you to find the perfect present for your doula or midwife! Your birth team has a big job – It’s about so much more than just delivering babies. If your midwife provided exceptional care, was super helpful along the way, or went above and beyond in some way, then you may want to get a little thank-you for their hours of work!

Whether you decide to go with a practical gift or you’re a unique gifter that prefers to make your own, I am positive that your birth team will feel your gratitude through your gift.

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