Paper Bag Princess Costume – Easy, Cheap, Last-Minute Halloween Costume

This paper bag princess costume was a total hit last night for Halloween! I feel like so many of us loved this book as kids (and as adults). This costume is quick, affordable, and a forever-favourite. Yay for princesses like Elizabeth who don’t take no guff from no one!

Paper Bag Princess Costume

Paper Bag Princess Costume – DIY Tutorial

Here is how I made this paper bag princess costume. It took maybe half an hour in total? I think it would have been quicker if I wasn’t filming the tutorial though! So…definitely not a big time investment to get this project done.

I am so happy with how this DIY paper bag princess costume turned out! It did get a few little rips in it during the second round of trick-or-treating, but it held up remarkably well. We will definitely be remembering this costume!

For the paper bag dress, I used a home depot yard waste brown paper bag. The yard waste bags work WAY better than regular grocery store paper bags because they’re two layers thick. Ours stood up all day on Halloween and even for a week or two of dress-up afterwards.

The video shows how to draw on a basic pattern with marker and cut it out. Then you can staple the sides to make the dress a bit smaller so it fits well.

The paper bag princess’s crown is just an old plastic yogurt container. We stuck some previously-loved stickers on the top of each point and then I spray-painted the whole thing gold. It took a coat or two of metallic spraypaint, but it did look pretty legit in the end!

What do you think? Are you up for making paper bag princess costume? This costume was definitely the biggest success we’ve had for a last-minute costume!

Tutorial for a Toddler Paper Bag Princess Halloween Costume - Robert Munsch Book

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