Author: Mary Jane Duford

  • PC Express review

    PC Express review

    PC Express is an online grocery shopping service offered by select Loblaw stores in Canada. Online grocery orders are either brought out to your vehicle in the store’s parking lot or delivered straight to your home. My overall review is that I have found that using PC Express at Superstore is worthwhile, as it saves…

  • PC Insiders review

    PC Insiders review

    What is PC insiders? We all wondered, “What is PC Insiders?” when it was announced. PC Insiders is a membership program offered by Loblaws in which shoppers pay an annual fee to get special benefits. In this way, it’s similar to a Costco Membership or paying for Amazon Canada’s Prime Membership. You can redeem earned PC…

  • DIY photo string display

    DIY photo string display

    Photo strings are such a cute and easy way to brighten up a plain wall! We put up a photo string wall for our daughter’s recent sip & see party and liked it so much we decided to keep it around as part of our everyday home decor. It’s a great way to display and change…

  • Sip and see party

    Sip and see party

    Have you ever been to a “sip-and-see party?” Since we opted out of having a baby shower, we decided to host a sip-and-see party for our out-of-town family. Here’s a look into our simple get-together to introduce our newborn baby! What is a sip-and-see party? A sip-and-see party is an open house where guests are…

  • Helping tower

    Helping tower

    The helping tower is hands-down the most used piece of toddler gear in our house. We all love the helping tower. My mom saw it on Instagram and recommended it to me, so I ordered it on Amazon and it arrived fully assembled in about a week. Now it’s in use Every. Single. Day. Since…

  • Gluten free muffin recipe

    Gluten free muffin recipe

    Craving a healthier breakfast option? Try this gluten free muffin recipe that combines the goodness of peanut butter, banana, and chocolate chips. With no refined sugar or flour, these blender muffins are easy to make and guilt-free.

  • Gluten free cookie recipe

    Gluten free cookie recipe

    In the wintertime, I love to cozy up with a cup of tea and a warm baked treat. After the holidays, however, I’m usually over the sugar-high that most baked goods of the season deliver. These honey walnut cookies are a yummy way to enjoy a chocolatey baked treat without flour or refined sugar. Plus, I…

  • Tangerine bank review

    Tangerine bank review

    I’ve been banking with Tangerine since before it was called Tangerine. Overall, I’ve been very happy with Tangerine Bank and have noticed only a couple of drawbacks over the years. Let’s look at my findings as a customer in this tangerine bank review. If you’re already ready to try it, here’s my Tangerine Orange Key:…