Changing Table Organization

Changing table organization ideas

Changing tables are essential when you have a home full of young children. Changing tables can make changing diapers and keeping your baby clean so much easier.

Popular changing table organization ideas include using baskets and bins for storage and using a lazy Susan or a diaper caddy to organize materials. Many parents use a dresser as a changing table which allows for easy organization because of its many drawers. Consumable items like diapers and wipes tend to go in the top drawer while clothes and linens are stored in lower drawers.

Organizing your changing table will make your job as a parent so much easier! Let’s go into more detail about each of these organizational ideas.

Changing Table Organization

Organize with baskets or small bins

Investing in baskets and bins to add to your changing table is a simple way to transform the space into something clutter-free and organized. Having multiple bins stored inside or on top of your changing table will provide tools for organization. Changing tables with two bottom shelves are common, and these tables are perfect for four bins. These four bins will provide all the tools you need for changing a diaper.

You can organize these bins however you want! One bin or basket can hold extra sleepers, socks, and onesies. This bin can be dedicated to any extra clothes and clothes your baby might need after being changed. This bin can also contain blankets. It is important to have a little bit of everything available to you at your changing table. If everything is within an arm’s reach, you will be able to make your baby as comfortable as possible right when you get done changing them.

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Another bin or basket can be dedicated to anything regarding nursing. Nursing pillow covers, nursing pads, and burp cloths can be put in this basket. Organizing your baskets so each basket has a specific purpose can be helpful in keeping your changing table coordinated and tidy.

You will want to dedicate a basket purely to holding extra diapers. Babies go through so many diapers a day, so it is always a good idea to make sure you have extra on hand. Another basket can also be dedicated to holding extra wipes. Wipes and diapers are the two most important tools for your changing table and, arguably, you can never have enough of them!

Changing Table - Storage and Organization

Alternatives to a traditional changing table

When it comes to changing table organization ideas, sometimes you’re got to get creative! Creating a changing table dresser is an easy way to have diapering essentials close when you need them – Just use the dresser drawers!

Use a dresser as a changing table

A lesser-known organizational tip is to transform an old dresser into a changing table! Using a dresser as a changing table can save you money if you already have an old dresser that you don’t use at home. This also makes your changing table unique and beautiful addition to your home.

You can easily re-purpose your old dresser into a changing table by adding a changing pad on top. Make sure that your changing pad is secured to the top of the dresser with straps so it doesn’t slide off the top of the table. Once you have the changing pad installed, your new changing table is already equipped with drawers for storage. The drawers of an old dresser make for great storage and allow for organization. They are also great for hiding all of your changing supplies. Fill the drawer with the changing table essentials and you are all set!

Use a Lazy Susan

A Lazy Susan is a turntable or rotating tray that is placed on a table or countertop and usually distributes food. The Lazy Susan’s ability to rotate makes it so easy to grab the necessary item off of the tray. Although these trays are usually used in the kitchen, they are a great organizational tool for your changing table.

When you a changing a baby’s diaper, it is important that you can easily reach diapers, wipes, etc. A Lazy Susan keeps all of those supplies in one place, and with one rotation, you can reach anything you need. You should keep the most commonly used materials on the Lazy Susan, such as diapers, wipes, and an extra onesie or two. Storing the essentials on a Lazy Susan is a creative way to save space on your changing table.

Use a diaper caddy

A diaper caddy, like the Lazy Susan, is another great way to keep changing tools readily available and visible. A diaper caddy is usually made out of a light cloth material and is a container that is divided into sections. These sections allow for organization and keep the inside of the container de-cluttered.

A diaper caddy is unique because it is very portable. Although the Lazy Susan is a great organizational tool, it has to stay on the changing table at all times. Most diaper caddies have handles so they can be carried. They are made of a light material and can be carried around almost like a picnic basket. The portability of diaper caddies allows you to essentially take your changing table with you wherever you go.

Changing table essentials

In order to keep your changing table organized it is important that you fill your changing table with necessary and helpful things. If you are taking up unnecessary space, your changing table is going to be cluttered and hard to work on. There are a few necessary items that every good changing table needs.

A good changing table always needs a steady supply of diapers. Many new parents underestimate how many diapers a baby actually goes through. It is a lot. If are you using disposable diapers, take them out of the packaging and organize them in a neat stack inside a bin or basket. This will make it easier for you to quickly change your baby’s diaper.

You can also keep a plush toy or rattle at your changing table. This will entertain your baby while you are changing their diaper. Giving your baby something to do will make your job so much easier.

Another great essential to have at your changing table is a bottle of rash cream, a lampshade for when you are changing diapers at night, and a bottle of hand sanitizer to clean your hands once you are done. It is important that your changing table is a comfortable place for you and your baby. You will be changing a lot of diapers as a new parent, so make sure your space to do so is organized and comfortable!

Where to put dirty diapers?

Don’t forget a space to put dirty diapers once you are done with diaper changing! Having it close by is a pretty big must, so that you can keep one hand on your baby while throwing out the old diaper.

You could definitely use a regular close-lid garbage, but you’d have to clean it every day to avoid a smell. For an extra cost, you could get a fancier version. Whatever works for you and your nursery space!


There we go! Hopefully, you’ve found some changing table organization ideas that work for you and your storage space. A few quick changes to how you store items can make all the difference in your changing station organization (plus make diaper changes a lot easier).

Whichever way you choose to organize, think about where you put the essentials (diaper cream, extra diapers) and how close the diaper pail is to the diaper changing area. The rest is mostly up to you and what you have available to keep things organized!

We’d also love to hear what works for you, or what you did to create the perfect organized space!


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