Nursery Organization & Baby Room Ideas

Bringing home a new baby is overwhelming. From changing diapers to breastfeeding to sleeping, your baby requires around-the-clock care. With so much to do, a baby’s nursery can get messy quickly. Good nursery organization helps new parents keep things tidy much easier.

The most important part of nursery organization is making sure the nursery fits the mother’s needs and the needs of the baby. This involves creating a storage space for everything, setting up stations around the room, and building a habit of tidying up. Great organization makes cleaning up easy.

This article will go into depth on more organization for your nursery.

Nursery Organization

Nursery Storage

Good storage solutions make tidying up the nursery a whole lot easier. One solution is cubbies.

Cubbies are grid-like shelves that add vertical storage space. You can buy baskets that fit neatly inside the cubbies. Anything you put in the baskets is hidden away, stored in its own place. You can even buy labels for the baskets in the cubbies.

Cubbies hide any mess and are a quick solution for tidying up. They can look simple, or be decorated with colors, designs, and shapes.

A utility cart is another great option for storage. The wheels on the cart allow you to bring the cart to wherever you need, whether that be across the room, down the hallway, or another part of the house.

Stock your utility cart with items you need to access quickly. Most people fill their carts with diapers, wipes, extra onesies, pacifiers, burp cloths, and blankets. Having these items ready to grab makes cleaning up the baby much easier.

A utility cart is also a great place to put any items that don’t have a place. Toss those items in the utility cart and they will be stored away until you need them next.

This video from “The Organization Station” details how to get started on your own nursery utility cart. Items suggested in this video include baby nail clippers, lotion, saline, and a body pillow to make nursing more comfortable.

Try baskets for storing blankets and swaddles. Place an open basket near the changing table, rocking chair, or crib. Stock the basket with clean blankets and swaddles. The blankets and swaddles will be easy to find and grab.

You can also use baskets for storing items like burp cloths or sheets. A messy emergency can turn into a quick clean-up when items like these are available immediately.

Setting up stations in your nursery helps keep messes confined to one area of the room. It can also help you find anything you need faster.

Diaper-Changing Station

A diaper-changing station is vital to good nursery organization. Having a designated place to change your baby’s diapers will help keep the rest of the room clean.

You can keep diapers, wipes, baby powder, diaper cream, and lotion ready at hand in your diaper-changing station. Sorting these items into baskets can help keep everything in groups, organized.

Keep a garbage can with a lid next to your diaper-changing station. Here, you can dispose of dirty diapers and wipes and the smell won’t spread through the whole room. Make sure the lid is tight. This option is best for newer babies.

One of the best ways to set up a diaper-changing station is by using a dresser. Place a comfortable pad on the top of the dresser for the baby to lie on. Make sure the pad is far enough away from the edge that the baby isn’t in any danger of falling off.

Use the top drawer to store diapers, wipes, and other essentials. Storing these items in the top drawer means they’re easy to access but are out of the way.

Other things besides diapers and wipes can be kept at a diaper-changing station to make things even easier. Keep a pack of anti-bacterial wipes in the drawer for wiping off the dresser or your hands. A thermometer is a small thing to store and very helpful when you suspect your baby might be sick.

Nursing Station

Set up a nursing station with a rocking chair and keep nursing essentials close.

Create your nursing station with a comfortable rocking chair and ottoman. Find an ottoman that opens for extra storage space. You’ll spend a lot of time with your baby in this station, so make sure the chair is comfortable and cozy. A nursing station is a great place to put your utility cart, especially if the cart has a flat top to double as a side table.

Put a small table or shelf near the nursing station to hold essentials like a breast pump, blankets, or burp cloths. A lamp with soft lighting near the rocking chair is perfect for nursing in the middle of the night.

Even better than a lamp with soft lighting, find a night light for the nursery that won’t disturb the baby. A night light that’s always on saves you the trouble of fumbling for the light switch or stumbling to find the lamp. A soft, dim light can provide enough lighting for a midnight diaper change without completely disturbing your sleep cycle or the baby’s.

Nursery Closet

Keeping a baby’s wardrobe organized can be difficult once the laundry starts piling up. Babies also grow at an alarming rate. You made need different sizes of onesies before you have time to get to the store.

Organize a baby’s closet by size. Keep similar-sized clothes together.

Make sure the baby’s most-used clothes are easy to find. Put onesies in a drawer by themselves so you don’t have to sort through other clothes. Store socks in pairs, already matched together.

A great way to keep things organized, but still easy to find, is using acrylic organizer bins. These bins are clear, allowing you to see what’s inside. These bins keep things separate but still offer easy access to anything you may need.

Fold clothing so it stands up in the drawer. This will help you see everything at once, and you won’t be digging through drawers to find a certain onesie or shirt.

Drawer dividers or small boxes can help with organizing a drawer. You can purchase drawer organizers or you can use a clean shoebox, a gift box, or a basket.

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