Vancouver Dog Photographer List - photo of dog (portrait-style)

15 Vancouver dog photographers

Vancouver is home to over a dozen professional dog photographers. Some specialize in studio portraits while others focus mainly on outdoor photoshoots. Read on to discover 15 of the best Vancouver dog photographers!

1. Jane Thomson (Jane Thomson Dog Photography)

Jane Thomson is one of the best dog photographers in Vancouver. Her fine art in-studio dog portraits are extremely popular on Instagram, where she regularly shares new shoots on her account @portraitsofdogs. Jane’s work has been featured in several magazines, including Modern Dog, FujiLove, and Montecristo Magazine (here’s a feature on Jane’s studio dog photography work in Montecristo’s February 2021 issue).

2. Keegan O’Neil (Floofy Studios)

Keegan O’Neil (Floofy Studios) is a leading dog photographer in the Vancouver area. She is known for her joyful pet portraits on Instagram @floofystudios. Her fun-loving style is full of colour and perfect for a vibrant, possibly-quite-silly, pet photo. Keegan also has a fantastic YouTube channel all about dog photography.

3. Cindy Hughes (Muddy Love Photography)

Cindy Hughes of Muddy Love Photography is a Vancouver-based animal, dog and pet photographer. She serves the Greater Vancouver area and the Sunshine Coast, BC. Cindy also has an active flickr account with tons of stunning examples of both her horse photography and her dog photography.

4. Katherine Gonzalez (Vancouver Pet Photography)

Katherine Gonzalez of Vancouver Pet Photography is a popular pet photographer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She works with both individual pet owners and also with commercial brands to create realistic images of dogs in their surroundings. Katherine also offers end-of-life and remembrance pet photos.

5. Ashleigh Wells (Sit Stay Studio)

Ashleigh Wells of Sit Stay Studio is a dog photographer serving the Vancouver area, and located in Port Moody, BC. She focuses on photographing dogs, cats, and small animals (along with their people). Ashleigh has received several awards from the Professional Photographers of America.

6. Mica Ringo (The Dog Photographer)

Mica Ringo of The Dog Photographer is a professional photography who recently relocated from the USA to the Vancouver area. Mica creates classic images of pets and the people that they love.

7. Margeaux Nicholas (High Paw Photography)

Margeaux Nicholas of High Paw Photography is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Margeaux specializes in photographing dogs in outdoor spaces, including action shots.

8. Angie Wojciechowska (Off-Leash Photography)

Angie Wojciechowska of Off-Leash Photography is a Vancouver-based dog photographer. Angie specializing in outdoor photography of dogs in the spaces that they love.

9. Deborah Stevenson (Cedar & Bark Photography)

Deborah Stevenson of Cedar & Bark Photography is based in Port Coquitlam, BC. Deborah takes naturally-lit lifestyle images of dogs, cats, and other animals on location in the greater Vancouver area.

10. Heather MacNeill (Rambling Hound Photography)

Heather MacNeill of Rambling Hound Photography is a dog photographer located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Her dog photography captures the joy of our furry friends in their favourite outdoor settings.

11. Sarah Bourque (Wally & Roops Pet Photography)

Sarah Bourque (Wally & Roops Pet Photography) is a Victoria-based pet photographer. She takes naturally-lit photos and offers beautiful photo editing for Instagram-ready images.

12. Syv Ritch

Syv Ritch is a dog photographer located in Vancouver, BC. Syv enjoys photographing dogs in action (running/playing) or in their everyday environments.

13. Geoff Lister (Geoff Lister Photography)

Geoff Lister is another top Vancouver photographer who specializes in dog portraits (as well as family and wedding photography). His cheery portraits on Instagram on his account @vancouverdogphotographer are colourful and full of personality.

14. Stefanie Fournier (Farfel, Fetch! Pet Photography)

Stefanie Fournier (Farfel, Fetch! Pet Photography) is a Langley-based photographer who specializes in pet photography (as well as wedding and Vancouver family photography). Stef focuses on capturing your pet outdoors, at home, and other familiar spaces.

15. Kimberly Mara (Eclipse Photography)

Kimberly Mara (Eclipse Photography) is a professional photographer located in Deep Cove, North Vancouver. While she specializes in family portraits, maternity, and headshots, she also is known for her dog photography.

Vancouver Dog Photographer List - photo of dog (portrait-style)
Photo Credit: Jane Thomson Photography


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