maternity photoshoot ideas

Maternity photoshoot ideas

Looking for maternity photoshoot ideas? Booking a professional photographer is a great way to get some maternity shots fit for display. While they will likely get some awesome candid shots, it’s a godd idea to look for inspiration at other maternity pics so you have an idea of what you want. After all, if you’re getting professional photos you’ll want to love them!

So, here is a giant gallery of pregnancy photos to give you some inspiration for your upcoming picture day!

Maternity photoshoots are all about celebrating mom and baby. Some photo ideas focus on the pregnant belly, while others include mom’s gaze looking down at baby. Others are full-length poses, sometimes photographed outdoors, at the beach, or silhouetted against the sunset. Lastly, some maternity shoots include dad, older siblings, and even props like baby shoes, ultrasound pictures, or other adorable ideas.

While there are endless options, here are some inspirational maternity photoshoot ideas to consider for your own pregnancy photos. All of the photo ideas below are beautiful ways for expectant mothers to show off their growing belly!

Maternity photo poses to show off your baby bump

Poses can be tricky during a maternity photo shoot. Before you head out to get your pregnancy pics taken, practice some different poses so you can feel comfortable with posing your body. Some photos focus more on mom, while in other poses, the attention is drawn in the baby belly direction. Try these poses out in a mirror:

pregnancy photoshoot idea - in bed
The most relaxing maternity pose
maternity photo inspo - 2nd trimester - dress - outdoors
The full-on belly pose
maternity photos - baby belly
The classic side belly view pregnancy pose
maternity photos - nursery
The “waiting for baby” maternity pose
maternity photo shoot - in the nursery - waiting for baby
the “really ready for baby” 3rd trimester seated option of the “waiting for baby” pose
pregnancy photoshoot inspo - fashion
The “instagram model” maternity photo pose

Outdoor maternity photoshoot ideas

Outdoor maternity photoshoots have the potential to yield stunning photographs, particularly when the natural light hits just right. Your photographer may schedule your shoot at a certain time (often early in the morning, or in the “golden hour” when the sun is almost setting). Here are some ideas for a pregnancy photo shoot outdoors.

pregnancy photoshoot idea - farm
Classic white dress at a farm maternity photo
maternity photos - hippie - earthy
Earth mama pregnancy photoshoot inspo
pregnancy photoshoot idea - garden
Sitting in the greenery
maternity photos - in the flower garden
Hip pregnancy photos in the flower garden
maternity photo inspo - 3rd trimester - dress - outdoors
Backlit sunset maternity photo inspiration

Pregnant belly photo ideas

These pregnant belly photo ideas are all about the big belly. Here are some inspiration pictures to consider:

maternity photo shoot - modern - clean
White sheets and bare pregnant belly
maternity photos - belly
Lying down with hand on baby
maternity photoshoot idea - modern and dramatic
Clothed hands-on-belly side shot pose
pregnancy photoshoot idea - black and white
Black and white pregnant belly (straight on)
maternity photos - belly
artsy elegant fabric pose option

Fall maternity shoot inspiration

Fall is a stunning time to get your maternity shoot taken. First trimester fall maternity photos often take the form of pregnancy announcements, while second and third trimester photoshoots in autumn are all about the belly! Let’s look at some gorgeous fall maternity shoots for some inspo:

maternity photoshoot ideas
pregnancy photoshoot inspo - fashion
Looking into the distance in that autumn evening light
maternity photoshoot idea - outdoors in a field
Harvest fields pregnancy shot

Beach maternity shoot

Beach maternity photoshoots can be absolutely stunning. Here are some ideas for different poses, settings, and lighting for pregnancy photos on the beach:

instagram beach maternity photoshoot
Instagram-worthy beach maternity photo inspo
beach maternity photos - lying down
Lying down pose idea for a beach maternity photoshoot
beach maternity photos at sunset
blurry beach maternity photo at sunset
instagram beach maternity photos
Classic white dress on the beach idea
seaside maternity shoot photo
White dress on the beach – seated version
beach pregnancy photos dressed in white - whole family
The whole family on the beach!
beach pregnancy photos dressed in white
Looking at baby
mom's beach maternity photos
Writing in the sand
backlit beach silhouette photo - pregnant belly side view
backlit beach silhouette with a pregnant belly side view

Maternity photo ideas with siblings

Including siblings in a maternity photo shoot can be absolutely adorable! For some extra cuteness, invite older brothers and older sisters to do a few poses with mom as part of the pregnancy shoot:

maternity photo shoot - with older sibling
The future sibling belly snuggle pose
pregnancy photoshoot idea - family
The whole happy family candid group pose
pregnancy photoshoot idea - big sister
The “can you hear the baby” sibling pose

Pregnancy photos with Dad

It’s not ALL about mom (we suppose….). Here are some family maternity photos that include Dad!

pregnancy photoshoot idea - with dad
The cheek kiss pose
pregnancy photoshoot idea - with dad
The classic pregnant belly kiss pose
maternity photos - with dad
Both with a hand on baby pose
pregnancy photoshoot idea - with dad
Both with a hand on baby – bare belly version

Silhouette maternity photos

Silhouette maternity photos are not only stunning, but mama also doesn’t need to get all dolled up with a full face of makeup (or even choosing out clothes in some poses!). Here are some backlit silhouette pregnancy ideas to give you some inspiration!

maternity photo inspiration - evening, backlit at sunset - sillouette
The evening sunset silhouette maternity photo
maternity photo shoot - beach silhouette
The beach maternity silhouette photo
pregnancy photoshoot idea - sunset silhouette
The evening goddess sunset silhouette maternity photo

Maternity photo ideas with props

Some maternity photos are all about the props. Whether its those adorable tiny baby shoes or that sweater that Grandma knit, there are certain pregnant belly poses that can include props in a classic, beautiful way (without being cheesy). Here are some lovely maternity photo ideas with props:

pregnancy maternity photoshoot inspo - ultrasound pic
The ultrasound image with belly photo
maternity photoshoot idea - baby clothes
Pregnancy photo with baby clothes
maternity photo shoot - tiny baby shoes
The classic baby shoes on belly photo
maternity photos - studying
Maternity photos with baby books
maternity photo shoot - belly close up
fairy lights and gauzy fabric

For more ideas, follow this maternity photoshoot Pinterest board!


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