Animal coloring pages for kids

Are you looking for cute animal coloring pages for your little ones? Here are some free printable coloring pages for you!

Below are ten animal coloring pages for young kids with a variety of different animals. They vary in intricacy but have blank backgrounds so there is lots of space for drawing. Maybe your little ones want to design the home the animals live in or try drawing their own animal character… Let their imagination run wild!

Since the designs are so basic, these would also be great for children learning painting! Fill the wild animals with fun designs while exploring paints or oil pastels. Watercolors would be fun, too! But, if your kiddos want to stick to crayons and colored pencils, the pictures they create will turn out just as beautiful.

How to print the free animal coloring pages

Click on an image to open up that coloring page in a new tab. Try right-clicking to print from a computer, or try saving them to your phone’s camera roll to print from your phone over wifi. Happy coloring!

Turtle coloring page

Shark coloring page

Giraffe coloring page

Monkey coloring page

Cat coloring page

Dog coloring page

Horse coloring page

Fox coloring page

Cow coloring page

Moose coloring page

The benefits of coloring

Coloring pages are great for more than just expressing creativity. They also help little ones with color recognition, develop their fine motor skills, and provide a source of relaxation. Learn the other reasons why we love coloring pages for preschoolers and young kids in this post!

Other coloring pages

If you’re looking for other coloring pages to print, check these out:

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