Sunflower Coloring Page

Sunflower coloring pages

Are you looking for a cute sunflower coloring page for your little ones? Here are some free sunflower coloring pages that you can print! They are the perfect coloring pages for summer!

When I think of summer, I always think of bright flowers… And love to imagine myself in a sunflower field, where bright yellow sunflowers reach towards the sky and bask in the sun. This cute plant is loved by all ages, it seems! So, why not print sunflower coloring sheets for your kiddos?

Below are lots of great coloring pages for young kids. The last two are a bit more intricate, so if you have older kids I’d start there! Plus, they have lots of blank space for drawing – Maybe your little ones will want to draw their own birds, butterflies, bees, or other plants!

Since the designs are so basic, these would also be great for children learning painting! Fill the petals and pots with fun designs while exploring paints or oil pastels. Watercolors would be fun, too! But, if your kiddos want to stick to crayons and markers, the pictures they create will turn out just as beautiful.

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t rex coloring page

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How to print the free printable sunflower coloring pages

Click on an image to open up that coloring page in a new tab. Try right-click to print from a computer, or try saving them to your phone’s camera roll to print from your phone over wifi. Happy sunflower coloring!

Basic sunflower coloring page

These free printable sunflower coloring pages are great for young children learning to color.

Sunflower Coloring Worksheet

Sunflower Coloring Page

Sunflower Coloring Page

Sunflower Coloring Page

Sunflower Coloring Page

More intricate free sunflower coloring pages

These sunflower coloring pages are a little more detailed – The plants and petals have more detail, making them more difficult (but interesting!) to color.

Sunflower Coloring Page
Sunflower Coloring Page

Sunflower Coloring Page

These bright and fun and free printables will be great for your kids to color! They can fill them with their favorite colors, or stick to more traditional colors like brown, green, yellow and orange. Plus, since there’s so much extra space on the page, they can add their own images and designs to the background to make it their own. Encourage them to design their own fun vase, too!

For older kids, you can encourage them to experiment with different shades in their picture, too! These cute sunflower coloring pages are perfect to kick off summer and celebrate the warm weather – The bright yellows and tall sunflowers are one of the iconic images of summer, after all!

The benefits of coloring

Coloring pages are great for more than just expressing creativity. They also help little ones with color recognition, develop their fine motor skills, and provide a source of relaxation. Learn the other reasons why we love coloring pages for preschoolers and young kids in this post!

Have you used one of these free printable sunflower coloring sheets? We would love to see what you can create!

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