T Rex Coloring Page

T-Rex coloring pages

Are you looking for cute tyrannosaurus rex coloring pages for your little ones? Here are some free t-rex coloring pages that you can download and print! They are perfect coloring sheets of the most famous dinosaur. Kids of all ages love these dinosaurs.

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t rex coloring page

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How to print the free t-rex coloring pages

Click on an image to open up that coloring page in a new tab. Try right-click to print from a computer, or try saving them to your phone’s camera roll to print from your phone over wifi.

Happy T-Rex coloring!

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Simple tyrannosaurus rex coloring pages

These simple coloring pages are great for little ones that are just starting to enjoy coloring.

T Rex Coloring Page

T Rex Coloring Page

Scary T Rex Coloring Page - ROAR

More intricate t-rex coloring pages

These coloring pages are great for older-aged children. Since there is lots of background space, there is tons of room for imagination, too! Maybe your little ones imagine the dinosaur king chasing prey across the land – Whatever they imagine, they can add it to the page!

T Rex Coloring Page

T-Rex coloring worksheet
happy t-rex dino coloring page

T Rex Coloring Page - roar

cute T Rex Coloring Page

These t-rex coloring pages will be great for your kids to enjoy coloring! Your little ones can bring these famous dinosaurs to life with their creative ideas and fun designs as they color with crayons or explore painting. Some of these designs are super cute, but others are a bit scary with their big teeth and scary roars! I can almost imagine the loud roar the t-rex would make in real life.

If they’re feeling extra creative, they can create their own background, too! Maybe there is a big volcano with lava flowing into the earth or prey hiding behind the big trees. Maybe, they’ll be inspired by the Jurassic world! There are plenty of things that they could imagine and draw on the pages! They will have so much fun coloring the dinosaur king/T rex coloring page.

This is also a great time-filler to do as a pairing with crafts and experiments like this volcano experiment. If you went all out like we did, you’ll need something to do while the paint (and paper mache) dry. This way you can have a fun family activity and then have time to tidy up while the kids are distracted coloring their free printable t-rex coloring sheet.

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The benefits of coloring

Coloring pages are great for more than just expressing creativity. They also help little ones with color recognition, develop their fine motor skills, and provide a source of relaxation. Learn the other reasons why we love coloring pages for preschoolers and young kids in this post!

Have you used one of these free printable t-rex coloring pages? We would love to see your cute dino (or intimidating tyrannosaurus rex)!

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