Are you a soon-to-be dad, or do you know a soon-to-be dad who wants to celebrate this exciting and momentous life change with a group of friends? A diaper party could be the perfect type of gathering for you because dads deserve to be celebrated too!

Here’s a list of ideas of what to do for a Diaper Party and how to throw one.

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What is a diaper party? (And how is it different from a baby shower?)

You might never have heard of a diaper party (also sometimes called a ‘diaper shower’), but once you do you might be tempted to throw one either for yourself or a friend. A diaper party is like a baby shower or a sip and see party but is thrown for the dad-to-be rather than the mother. Guests at a diaper party are expected to give diapers as a gift to help out the soon-to-be parents rather than stereotypical baby shower gifts (hence the name “Diaper Party”).

A diaper party typically lasts for 2-4 hours and is usually much more casual than a traditional baby shower. The dress code is casual, there is no theme, no decorations, and guests are welcome to come and go as they please. Some of the rules of etiquette at baby showers should still apply though, such as guests RSVPing and thanking attendees afterward.

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Themes for diaper parties

The typical “theme” for a diaper party is pretty simple: beer and diapers. Some will get a little more creative with the theme of their party with themes like “Baby is Brewing” or “Beer, BBQ, Baby”.

But, diaper parties do not normally have many decorations that fit the theme, but there can certainly be themed decor if the father wants there to be a theme. Either way, diaper party decorations should be low-key. They’re definitely not as extravagant as baby showers can be!

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Diaper party food ideas

Diaper party food is generally quite casual. Common choices include backyard BBQ, pub food, pizza, or takeout from a favorite restaurant.

Backyard BBQ

At a diaper party where the soon-to-be dad is the focus (other than the coming baby, of course), a classic BBQ is the perfect meal to celebrate. This might include grilling up some burgers and hotdogs or smoking some ribs. Along with the barbecuing, it’s a good idea to provide some sides like a salad, macaroni and cheese, and coleslaw. Chips and salsa/guac are also sure to be a hit!

Takeout or catering

Getting takeout or catering from the new dad’s favorite restaurant is another way to feed guests that will require less work and preparation. However, catering is often expensive and you miss out on the activity of grilling. That said, takeout can be the perfect option for a party in a small space or when its too cold to hang out in the backyard.

Dessert ideas

Along with the meal, it’s a good idea to provide a dessert. You could make a cake, but if you do not want to go through the trouble of making one, you could always buy one from a bakery. You could also get or make cupcakes. The cupcakes could be placed to spell out a message like “Future Dad” or something similar so they are relevant to the party. Whatever type of dessert you choose, make sure to have it on display throughout the party to add to the festive ambiance. 

Dad with Newborn Baby

Diaper party activities

Having 2-3 planned activities will help keep guests entertained and add a sense of structure to the party, but with the laid-back nature of diaper parties, you could also opt to provide a few different types of games and let your guests entertain themselves.

Drinking games

Diaper parties are known for mixing the baby theme with drinking games. Instead of chugging beer out of a can, guests can have a contest where they chug beer out of baby bottles. Classic drinking games like beer pong are also options. Remember that even though all of the drinking game ideas involve beer, they can all be played with non-alcoholic drinks too.

Toy dolls & diapers

Have a contest to see who can put a diaper on a doll the fastest. It doesn’t involve drinking alcohol, but it can potentially help the future dad learn how to put a diaper on a child quickly.

Bobbing for binkies

This game is like bobbing for apples except you can fill up a baby bathtub with water and place baby-related paraphernalia such as binkies or toys and watch guests compete in races to see who can grab the most items the fastest!

Pretend pregnant belly

For this game, you can have the male guests put on a large t-shirt and have them place a ball or balloon under the shirt to look like a pregnant woman. This one will definitely enable you to take some memorable photos!

Yard games

Yard games like corn hole are also fun options for guests if the weather is nice and the area has enough space. Corn hole, ladder toss, Kubb, lawn bowling, Spikeball, the list goes on!

Video games

If the weather outdoors doesn’t allow for backyard grilling or yard games, you can always play video games inside. Choose your favorite multi-player game or pick a childhood favorite like MarioKart.


A pickup game of basketball, road hockey, or another favorite sport is another perfect activity for a diaper party. Get together at a local spot and head to a pub nearby for a bite afterward.

Diaper Cake - Gift for Diaper Party (Dad Baby Shower)

Diaper party gift ideas

At a Diaper Party, diapers are the main type of gift you will see brought for the dad/parents. Newborns go through diapers extremely fast, so diapers are a great present option that parents will definitely use and appreciate. Not to mention, diapers can be bought in bulk for fairly cheap from stores like Amazon or Costco.

Some parents might specify that they want cloth diapers, so make sure that you know which type of diaper is preferred before you buy them. If you want to get something else, get the new parents baby wipes or a gift that they would normally receive at a baby shower.

Disposable Diapers vs Cloth Diapers

How to throw a diaper party

A diaper party has its fair share of differences from a traditional baby shower, but it also has a few key similarities. A diaper party is typically hosted by a male family friend or friend of the soon-to-be father and should not be thrown by the father. Because a diaper party is casual, it can be held in a backyard of a house rather than at an expensive venue. It could also be held at a restaurant, brewery, bowling alley, or sports bar. Depending on where you hold it, you might be limited in your party activities, so keep that in mind as you plan activities and the venue.

Diaper parties are normally less expensive than your average baby shower, but the price really depends on what you want the party to look like. It can cost as much or as little as you want, and most of the cost will be determined by where you buy the food and how much you purchase.


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