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Linen closet

Do you have a linen closet that is cluttered and crammed full of towels, sheets, and blankets? If so, it’s time to organize it! A well-organized linen closet will make it easy to find what you need when you need it.

In this blog post, we will discuss 9 ways to organize your linen closet. Follow these tips and your Linen Closet will be neat and tidy in no time!

Try these 9 ways to organize your linen closet

From bath towels and hand towels to blankets and sheets, your bathroom and linen closets offer storage for tons of things. Some people may also store toiletries and other items from the bathroom – Regardless of how you use this storage space, the organization is important!

Here are some tips, guides and tricks to design a space that meets your storage needs.

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A box that says donate with towels and sweaters in it.

1. Remove unneeded linens from your home

It’s crucial to weed out unnecessary objects before you can arrange all of your linens. If like the majority of people, you have old and unused sheets and towels on your shelves – And now is the time to get rid of them!

To begin with, empty everything from your linen closet so you can start fresh. Anything with holes, stained or discolored linens, and miscellaneous sheets should be tossed or donated.

Seasonal items should be kept somewhere else so that you have more space in small linen closets. Pool towels, pillowcases, festive kitchen tablecloths, and winter blankets don’t have to stay available all year.

When I do this, I like to set out a bin for “keep,” “donate,” and “trash” (or reuse, if you can). This way you can easily put the things you want back and can quickly deal with the other things you no longer need. For bedding or towels, consider reaching out to your local animal shelter. Many of them accept these items as bedding for their animals.

A linen closet with folded towels and other bedding items.

2. Group items into categories

Once you have taken stock of everything in your closet and taken everything out you no longer want, it’s time to organize what’s left.

Organize everything by sort and category before restocking the closet. For example, set the towels into separate piles from linens and sheets. You can also organize sheet sets by bed size. If you have a lot of sets, consider getting bed sheet organizers like these from Amazon.

In addition, you should distinguish all of your miscellaneous goods, such as cleaning chemicals and large toiletries, into logical categories.

3. Use distinct baskets to separate

Take inventory of little things like cleaning supplies or backup items. Decorative baskets, boxes, and trays may help you keep tiny goods where they belong and offer a stylish touch to your closet. This is especially important if you have glass doors on your linen closet, as you will see what you store inside.

Coordinate baskets in a neutral color scheme that suits the height and depth of your shelves. Make sure to check that there’s enough shelf space for bigger items and linens as you tally up how many baskets or bins to use. You might also consider adding lower shelves, drawers, or adjustable shelves if you need more storage.

4. Get creative with sheet organization

It’s hard to keep sheets neat! They’re tough to fold, stacking them is a pain to work with, and they’re impossible to keep in place.

Here’s a video of how to do it (jump to 1:40):

You could also fold everything up and have a basket for each size of sheet – Which helps you avoid needing to rummage through piles of folded sheets (and probably creating a mess in the process).

3. Fold to save space

When your towels aren’t folded to fit the space, they can create a pretty big mess. The solution to messy towel shelves can be simple: Modify the way you fold your bathroom towels!

There is no one-size-fits-all technique to fold your towels; you should fold them depending on the shelf space they will be stored in.

Learn how to fold and store your bathroom towels from the home organization and design pro herself, Martha Stewart:

4. Stack according to priority

Another thing to consider is the order of where you’ll put your stacks of towels and bedding. Keep the items you use on a daily basis easily accessible by placing them on the top shelf. You might keep things like towels, washcloths, and toilet paper on those shelves.

Then, place the things you use less often at home such as extra guest pillows of seasonal blankets on either the highest shelves or the lower shelves of your closet.

Then, you can place frequently used throw blankets in a basket on the floor of your closet for further storage and easy access – roll them up tightly to save space and get a clean look out of it or fold them like you would the towels.

5. Label everything

Linen closets are most useful if the things inside can be found easily. It’s not an effective system if you’re the only one in the family who can find items and put them away correctly.

Make things easier on everyone by labeling everything. You may use a basket handle to hold the item with cute labels or attach them to the shelf below the object.

6. Make use of the closet door’s interior space

If your shelves and drawers are full, consider creating overflow storage within the linen closet door. How you do this totally depends on your space, as you may have enough room for hanging baskets or just enough for an over-the-door hanger.

If you’ve got room for wire baskets or hanging wall shelves, you might drill a hole near the hinge. The interior of the door is also an ideal location to hang an ironing board or other cleaning equipment like brooms and mops.

Whichever option you choose, make sure you can safely close your door!


In conclusion, having an organized linen closet can make a big difference in keeping your home neat and tidy. The tips provided in this post can help you achieve a well-organized closet that is easy to navigate and utilize. From removing unnecessary items to using baskets and labels, these strategies can help you streamline your linen closet and make it a functional space.

With a little effort and creativity, you can say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organized and functional linen closet.


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