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What to write in a baby book

Wondering message to write in a baby book? A baby book is a wonderful way to look back on your little one’s first months of life. But sometimes figuring out what to write in it can be overwhelming. You can obviously write anything you want in your child’s baby book, but wouldn’t it be great to look back at it in 20 years and not feel like you missed anything?

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Here are some key things to write down in your little one’s baby book:

  • Pregnancy memories
  • Birth story
  • First weeks at home
  • Baby’s likes and dislikes
  • Monthly pictures and updates
  • Milestone memories
  • Quotes for baby
  • Memorable moments

Many moms are all in the first month of their little one’s baby book and then stop writing in it. But, if you have a plan, you might just complete the whole thing. Take a look at some baby book examples for the best things to write and include in them.

The first page

Lots of baby books will leave a blank first page, giving you space to write a meaningful message to your little one. With so much space to fill, it might feel intimidating picking exactly what to write!

Here are some ideas:

A personal message

You could write a personal message addressed to your baby. Aim for something that you can read to them year after year. You might talk about endless love, how they are your whole world, or just write a cute message for them to read.

A favorite story or poem

You may also write a line from one of your favorite bedtime stories or a poem that you really love. If you are a religious family, you may also choose to write a religious message or passage. Using the inside cover for something like this is a nice personal touch without the pressure of ‘saying the right thing’ that comes along with a personal inscription.

A drawing/painting

If you’re artistic, you may choose to use the first page to display a piece of artwork created for the little baby. Art is one of the best gifts you can give someone and would be a beautiful addition to any book.

Pregnancy memories

The baby book should actually start before your baby is born. It can start as soon as you see those positive lines on a pregnancy test!

Here are some other ideas of pre-birth memories to include in the baby book:

  • Pictures of mom while pregnant
  • Ultrasounds
  • Cravings
  • Baby shower mementos

Take a look at a few more details to consider about each of these memories.

Pictures of pregnancy

It can be really nice for the child to have at least one photo of their wonderful future mommy with her pregnant belly. Including things like this shows your little one how excited the new parents were when they learned their family was welcoming a new child.

Also, you also certainly wouldn’t be the first mom to take a picture of a positive pregnancy test, and if you did, now you have someplace to put the pic! Along with the pictures of pregnancy, include a few details about finding out.

Here are a few ideas to consider when you write those details:

  • Was it a surprise?
  • How long had you been trying to get pregnant?
  • How did you tell your significant other?
  • How did you tell family?
  • Any early symptoms?


You will treasure every ultrasound you get during your pregnancy. Save those scans and put them in the baby book. You’ll be able to look back and watch your little bean grow. Also, this is the place where your baby’s own story began! How cool would it be to show them what they looked like as they grew inside Momma’s tummy?

Most have the date on the scan, but it’s not a bad idea to write it in the baby book and include a few details about what you were thinking or feeling at that point in the pregnancy.


What’s pregnancy without some random cravings? Maybe you hate pineapple but couldn’t get enough of it while you were pregnant. Maybe your significant other made more than one run for a late-night frosty to satisfy mama’s craving.

Whatever the craving, find a spot in the baby book for it so you can look back and chuckle about it later. You might need a laugh during the first few sleep-deprived months with a newborn. These memories could be just what you need to get through those tough few months!

Baby shower mementos

Most likely, and especially if it’s your first baby, you’ll have a baby shower. Whether co-workers, family, or friends throw the shower, save some fun mementos for the baby book.

Maybe you have goofy pictures of all the silly games you play at baby showers or some sweet cards with words of encouragement from your dearest friends. Any mementos you have are a great entry for the baby book. You could also include photos of keepsake baby shower gifts.

Baby shower book for the parents to be

If you had a baby shower, a sip-and-see party, or a diaper party, and the hosts included a baby shower book or space for guests to write notes for the new baby and parents-to-be, then this would be a beautiful addition to your baby book! You could even print out sweet notes and messages that you got at a virtual baby shower if you had one.

Adding baby shower book messages is a great way to ensure that your family and friend’s best wishes are shared with your little one once they are old enough to understand them.

If you don’t want to take messages out of the book, you could always just store them near each other!

Birth story

No one but you knows exactly what your baby’s birth was like, and you’ll want to include all the details in your little one’s baby book. There’s plenty to include when it comes to your baby’s birth story.

Take a look:

  • Details
  • Stats
  • Hospital mementos

If you can’t remember everything, take some time to talk with loved ones and close friends to get a well-rounded picture. Think about the moment you knew you were in labor. If it was a planned delivery, talk about when you found out that was the plan.

Here are some other details to include:

  • What time did you head to the hospital?
  • How did you get to the hospital?
  • Were you admitted right away, or did they send you home for a bit?
  • How were your interactions with the nurses?
  • What did you do to facilitate/get through labor?
  • Medical stats and timeline

Birth stats

This one is probably a given, and there’s most likely a spot already in the baby book for it, but you’ll obviously want to write down your baby’s stats. What time was your little one born? How much did he weigh? Length? Was there anything that stood out in your mind as you took your first look at your little one?

Hospital mementos

Finally, in the section of the baby book devoted to your little one’s birth story, you’ll want to include some mementos from those very first days of your baby’s life.

This is a great spot to include the following:

  • Baby’s hospital bracelet
  • Hospital footprints
  • Birth announcement
  • First pictures

When it comes to the first pictures, don’t be too critical of yourself. You’ll probably look at those pictures and think, “Ugh! I look horrible!” or “I should have thrown some make-up on!” Mama, you just had a baby, you look wonderful! Include those pictures because they show real life.

First few weeks of life

Those first few weeks of life with a newborn are always a blur, but remember what you can about this new beginning and include those memories. When your little one is turning one year old, waking up at midnight, 2 a.m., 4:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. will probably seem like a distant memory. It may not seem like this will be a pleasant memory, but you’ll realize how short it was when you look back.

You’ll also quickly learn specific ways your baby likes to be held or nursed or take a bottle. Write all those memories down and put them in the baby book. A great way to keep track of those things in the early days is to jot them down on post-it notes and tuck them in the baby book. Then, when you have a chance, they’ll be right there for you to actually write in the book.

Monthly pictures

You’ll definitely want a spot for monthly pictures in the baby book. This is a fun way to see how much your little one grew from one month to the next. Usually, you’ll want to do this for the first year of your baby’s life.

Most moms like to do it with a similar background or stuffed animal so you can see how your little one’s size changes through the months in relation to that background.

Other fun notes to include on the monthly pictures are your little one’s height and weight, things they’re doing, and things they like or dislike.

what to write in your babys baby book - firsts and other memorable moments

Milestones during the first year

Your little one will grow by leaps and bounds in the first year, and you’ll want to keep track of all of your kiddo’s milestones. There are so many things that happen during the first year; you’re probably wondering which ones to write down. Here are some you might want to include:

  • First smile
  • First laugh
  • Rolling
  • Sitting
  • First tooth
  • First foods
  • Crawling
  • Waving
  • Standing
  • Walking
  • First word

When you write down these milestones, don’t just write the date; think about the details surrounding each event. Did your little one crack his first smile when daddy was tickling his tummy? Did you discover his first tooth when you accidentally became a chew toy? Did he wave for the first time when you said hello? These are all the details you’ll want to remember.

An important note: When it comes to writing milestones in the baby book, it’s very easy to start comparing your little one to other babies his age. All kids are different! Remember, there are age ranges for every milestone. As long as your little one is progressing at his or her own healthy pace – it doesn’t matter what other babies are doing!

Baby book memory journal

If you enjoy writing journals to keep track of your experiences, thoughts, and feelings, then you may want to add this to your baby book! Writing about these special moments will be a lovely thing for your child to look back on when they are older (and you, too!).

Time to get started on that baby book!

There you have it, your guide on what to write in a baby book to make it the best one ever for your little one. Remember, as important as the baby book is, it’s more important to enjoy these early days with your little one.


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