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  • Outdoor activities

    Outdoor activities

    Outdoor activities can seem daunting, especially when you’re trying to wrangle the whole family together. The thought of packing up everything and everyone might make you want to curl up with a good book instead. But trust me, darling… Embracing outdoor activities is worth every bit of effort. Making memories and getting some fresh air…

  • How to make sidewalk chalk paint

    How to make sidewalk chalk paint

    Learn how to make sidewalk chalk paint with this step-by-step guide. Discover the joy of creating vibrant and washable chalk paint for outdoor art. Get ready for hours of fun and creativity with this easy DIY recipe.

  • Animal movements for kids

    Animal movements for kids

    Discover fun and engaging animal movements for kids. Help your little ones stay active and develop essential skills through exciting exercises inspired by animals. Explore a variety of animal movements for kids that are both educational and entertaining. Get them moving today!

  • Snow painting

    Snow painting

    Snow painting is a fun and creative activity that kids can enjoy during the winter months. It is an outdoor activity that combines the elements of snow and color to create unique and beautiful artwork. By using various materials like food coloring, a spray bottle, or paint brushes, children can express their imagination and unleash…

  • Outdoor learning

    Outdoor learning

    Outdoor learning Outdoor learning is a great way to teach school subjects like math and science while also encouraging children to explore and discover the world around them. Outdoor learning experiences also teach resilience, problem-solving skills, and sensory exploration… To name a few! So, here are a few reasons why outdoor learning is important for…

  • Tally mark worksheets

    Tally mark worksheets

    Do you have young ones that are learning about how to draw tally marks and about counting tallies? In this article, we will explain why learning how to tally is important, and how you can teach this skill, and we’ll share a free worksheet to get you started. The basics of tally mark worksheets Tally…

  • 10 nature counting activities

    10 nature counting activities

    Learning about numbers and counting is an important part of your child’s mathematical journey! By learning with nature, they can also explore outside while getting hands-on experience with counting practice. Here are a few fun ideas for nature-themed counting activities that both parents and teachers can enjoy with their little ones! Each math activity listed…

  • Math in nature

    Math in nature

    Earlier this year I wrote a post outlining which preschool math concepts children would learn in their early years of math education. The concepts they will learn include numbers and counting, addition and subtraction, geometry, sorting and patterns, and measurement and graphing. While these concepts can all be taught from books, worksheets, and other traditional…

  • 10 preschool nature crafts

    10 preschool nature crafts

    Preschool nature crafts are an excellent way to create a connection with nature while having a creative outlet. Whether you use items from nature, are inspired by nature, or create art in nature, there are tons of opportunities for preschool-aged crafts outdoors! Today, we will share 10 of our favorites. We’ll teach you how to…

  • 5 senses nature walk worksheet

    5 senses nature walk worksheet

    Looking for an easy low-prep outdoor activity and a simple science experiment? This 5 senses nature walk is an excellent activity for children of all ages, including preschoolers! Encourage children to write or draw what they see, hear, smell, taste and touch while exploring outside. *Note: Since this nature walk worksheet asks kids to touch…

  • Shadow drawing for kids

    Shadow drawing for kids

    Shadow drawing for kids is a super fun activity for kids of all ages! It’s a fun and simple art activity that teaches them about shadows. All you need is the sun, some paper (or the driveway!), something to draw, and something to draw with. Here is how to do shadow drawing with kids! There…

  • Preschool outdoor toys

    Preschool outdoor toys

    The warm summer months are perfect for creative play outside – Especially when you have preschool-aged children! With the right toys, you can make outdoor playtime the perfect mix of fun and educational. So, here are some fun ideas for outdoor play and some of the perfect toys to bring outdoors if you have toddlers!…

  • 10 outdoor toys for 1 year olds

    10 outdoor toys for 1 year olds

    One-year-olds are just starting to become mobile and explore the world around them. This is the perfect age to get them interested in outdoor activities, and having great outdoor toys helps with that! Whether you are looking for the perfect toy for your own kiddo or searching for a birthday gift, this list will likely…

  • Hiking with toddlers

    Hiking with toddlers

    Looking for a great outdoor activity to do with your toddler? Why not take them hiking! Toddler hiking can be a fun activity, a rewarding experience, and a fun adventure for both you and your child. Your toddler will get to explore exciting new territory while enjoying the fresh air and working on their physical…

  • Time capsule ideas

    Time capsule ideas

    Time capsules can be a delightful activity to do with your children. From the assembly of the capsule to burying it to the unearthing of it, your kids can enjoy themselves and add perspective to their lives. When making a time capsule for children, include long-lasting keepsakes and photographs that they will remember in a…

  • Outdoor physical education for kids

    Outdoor physical education for kids

    Nature provides one of the best classrooms for children. From physical literacy to art, the options for learning outdoors are limitless. Today we are focussing on some great ways to teach physical education to kids over the summer break, no matter their age! This article will discuss the following: What is Physical Literacy? Why is…