Wood Bead & Pipe Cleaner Christmas Ornaments: Preschool Holiday Craft

These wood bead and pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments are a great preschool craft for the holiday season. There’s no glue, no glitter, and very little mess to clean up. The kids will have fun picking up the beads and learning to thread them onto the pipe cleaner.

Preschoolers Christmas Ornament of Wooden Beads Hanging on the Tree
Supplies for Making Wood Bead and Pipe Cleaner Christmas Ornament Craft

Supplies for This Preschool Christmas Ornament Craft

Here are the supplies for this preschool Christmas ornament made from pipe cleaners and wooden beads:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Wooden beads (we chose assorted sizes)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

Gather the supplies together prior to starting this project. It can also be nice to have a tray to work on to catch any runaway beads! And with all preschool Christmas ornament crafts (and everything lol), ensure you read and follow all the instructions prior to starting. Full supervision is also a must!

Making a Christmas Ornament Helps Fine Motor Skill Development

How to Make Wooden Bead and Pipe Cleaner Circle Ornaments

Here is how to make these wooden bead and pipe cleaner ornaments with preschoolers:

  1. Bend the end of one pipe cleaner to keep the beads from falling off.
  2. Thread beads onto the pipe cleaner, one by one.
  3. Periodically bend the pipe cleaner into a circle shape.
  4. Stop adding beads when there are enough to go around in a circle (usually about 10). It’s ok to take off some beads if there are too many!
  5. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner together to form the beads into a circle. It should now be starting to look a bit like a Christmas ornament.
  6. Have an adult trim the extra ends off of the pipe cleaner.
  7. Have an adult cut a piece of ribbon to create the hanging loop.
  8. Tie the piece of ribbon around the circle of beads. These ornaments seem to hang best if the ribbon is coaxed in between two beads.

That’s how to make these toddler pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments! This craft is based on this Scandinavian-style DIY ornament tutorial.

Preschool Christmas Ornament Craft - Scandinavian - Early Years Learning
Multi Color Wood Beads for Kids Crafts
Choose multi-color beads if the plain wooden beads are not your style! My daughter found this pack of coloured beads at Dollar Tree. They are super fun for preschool Christmas ornaments, and can be used other times of year too!
Toddler threading beads onto pipe cleaner
preschooler assembling the pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments
Threading Wooden Beads onto a Green Pipe Cleaner
Making preschool christmas ornaments with pipe cleaners and beads
Modern Scandinavian Inspired Preschool Christmas Ornament Project
Loop of wooden beads
Tying a Ribbon onto the Toddler Ornament - Motor Skills Practice
Preschool Christmas Ornament Project with Pipe Cleaners, Ribbon, and Wooden Beads

Not bad for a preschool Christmas ornament! We will make lots of these for gifts this year 🙂


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