Finished Ornaments Filled with Paint - Toddler Craft

paint drip Christmas craft

This paint drip Christmas craft uses a clear plastic ornament and kid-safe paint to create a fun piece of holiday decor! This would be a lovely gift for a preschooler to give a parent or to hang on the town tree.

Keep reading to learn how to make your own homemade Christmas ornaments! All you need is some clear glass ornaments (or plastic!) and non-toxic acrylic paint for this quick little DIY project!

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Colorful Kids Round Ball Tree Ornament on Christmas Tree

As with any kids craft, ensure you read and follow all the instructions on the materials. Some paints aren’t made for young kids, so be sure you’re using appropriate supplies for the age of the children. Full adult supervision is also a must!

Supplies for the paint drip Christmas craft

December is a great time for crafting. Making ornaments for the tree is a fun way to add a personal touch to your festive decorations (and keep the little ones busy!). Christmas crafts are also great, because you can enjoy them year after year.

Here are the supplies you’ll need for the paint drip Christmas ornament craft:

  • Clear plastic Christmas ornaments
  • Non-toxic paints
  • Surface protector or craft mat
  • Art apron or paint clothes
  • Masking tape
  • Popsicle stick or paint brush (optional)
  • Paper towel

Gather your supplies together before starting this craft.

Finished Ornaments Filled with Paint - Toddler Craft

How to make paint drip Christmas ornaments

Here is how to do this paint drip craft with clear plastic Christmas ornaments:

  1. Take the top off of the plastic ornament. Most ornament tops are held in place with a little piece of wire that acts like a spring. The top should come out easily when pulled lightly. The tops can be removed by adults prior to starting the craft with kids.
  2. Select paint colours for the drip ornament. Stick to Christmas colours, or go all out with a multi-colour design!
  3. Drip colours of paint into the top of the ornament, one at a time. Use a popsicle stick or paint brush to push the paint into the ornament if its not immediately dripping into the middle.
  4. Replace the top caps of each ornament.
  5. Wrap each top with masking tape to prevent any leaks of paint while the ornaments dry.
  6. Swirl around the wet paint inside the clear glass ornament. The paint we used (IKEA MALA) was nice and thick and so it took quite a long time to drip. That was actually a good thing!
  7. Let dry. If the ornaments are taking a long time to dry, remove the top cap to speed drying. Ours took a day or two to dry out.

That’s how to make paint drip ornaments! This is such a fun holiday craft for preschoolers and for older kids.

Empty Plastic Fillable Christmas Tree Globe Ornament
Taking the Top of a Fillable Christmas Ornament
Paint Drip Christmas Ornament
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Pouring yellow paint in clear ornament
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Paint Drips of Many Colors Inside Plastic Round Ornament
Paint-Filled Ornament for Kids

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