This pinecone Christmas tree ornament is a fun activity for arts and crafts time. Just glue some pom poms onto a pinecone with tacky glue. Easy, peasy, and fun! You can hang them on the tree or display them as pine cone Christmas trees themselves.

Supplies for pom pom pinecone kids ornament

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make this cheery pinecone ornament:

  • Pinecones (or any other conifer cone you like)
    • Note: larger cones will take more time and more pom poms, but mini pine cones will be a bit trickier to glue the pom poms on!
  • Pom poms
    • Choose if you want to stick to a color theme or if you want colorful ones like ours!
  • Non-toxic glue (tacky glue is best, school glue also works)
  • String or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Paint (if you want to paint them like we did). Glitter is also optional too!
Christmas Craft - Pinecone Kids Ornament with Colorful Pom Poms

Gather your supplies before starting this project. Capable children may enjoy collecting their own pinecones from their playground. We used some pinecones that we painted silver a few years ago. Finally, they had a purpose! The kids had just as much fun making these pine cone Christmas tree ornaments as they did painting them originally.

Ensure you read and follow the instructions and age-rating on your materials and equipment. This is a full supervision activity. Adults can pre-cut the lengths of string or ribbon to use as a hanging loop on top of each pinecone (about 8″ is lots).

Multi Color Bright Pom Pom Pinecone for Christmas

How to make pom pom pinecone ornaments

These pinecone crafts for kids are super easy. They just need to dip the pom poms in glue and pick a spot to stick them!

Here are the instructions for the pom pom pinecone ornament kids’ Christmas craft:

  1. If you want to paint the pinecone first, then do this as the first craft session of two! You’ll need to let it dry completely before adding the pom poms because the glue won’t stick to wet paint.
    • If you don’t want to paint the whole pinecone, you could brush the ends of the scales with white paint to make it look like snow.
  2. Create a dipping spot for the glue. This craft is easiest if the pom poms can be individually dipped in glue and then stuck right on the cone.
  3. Glue pom poms onto the end of each tip of the pinecone. The little pokey bits of pinecones are called “scales”. Glue a pompom onto the lip of each scale on the pinecone. This pinecone kids ornament will still look festive even if only half the scales have pom poms glued to them.
  4. Glue a loop of string or ribbon onto the bottom of the pinecone if you want to hang it on the tree.
    • You may also want to use hot glue for this step depending on how strong your glue is.
  5. Let dry.

That’s how to make these pom pom pinecone kids’ ornaments! This is a great activity for a crafty morning because it’s easy for kids to make by themselves. Plus, look how festive they are when they’re painted silver!

You could also do this easy craft for other holiday decorations if you save up pinecones year-round. You could do some for Thanksgiving, Halloween, or just general fall decorating.

Merry Christmas!

Toddler choosing colorful pom poms for kids craft time
Choosing the right pom poms is a key part of this pom pom pinecone ornament craft!
Pom Poms and Pinecones - Supplies for Craft Time at Christmas
Glueing a Pom Pom
Glue a pom pom onto each scale of the pinecone
Dip a blue pom pom in glue and put it on the pinecone ornament
How to - toddler pinecone craft with pom poms
How to glue pom poms onto a pinecone
Toddler pom pom pinecone Christmas craft
Glueing pom poms onto a pinecone to make a tree ornament for Christmas
Glue a pom pom onto each scale of the pinecone
Easy Kids Pinecone Ornament for Christmas
Bright Cheery Pom Pom Pinecone Kids Tree Ornament
Christmas Lights Pinecone - Tree Ornament Craft for Kids
Pinecone Ornament looks like lighted tree
Toddler Tree Ornament - Pom Pom Pinecone Craft

More ideas

If you’ve got a big collection of pine cones but aren’t sure which kind of pine cone crafts to make, here are some other ideas for holiday season decor:

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