Finished Alphabet Block Ornaments

Alphabet block ornaments

Yay for DIY alphabet ornaments! These alphabet block ornaments are the perfect mix of cheer and nostalgia. I love letter ornament on the tree and this is the perfect (easy) way to make your own DIY letter decorations. πŸ™‚ Keep reading to see how we made them!

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Alphabet Block Letter Ornaments on Christmas Tree

Supplies for Making DIY Alphabet Block Ornaments

December is a great time for crafting. Making ornaments for the tree is a fun way to add a personal touch to your festive decorations (and keep the little ones busy!).

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make these easy alphabet block ornaments:

  • Wooden alphabet blocks
  • Pencil
  • Drill or drill press
  • Floral wire (or screw-eyes & string)

Gather your supplies together before starting. If you’d prefer string or ribbon loops to hang the ornament, consider using screw eyes (eye-hook screws) instead of just drilling a hole through the block. The you can use whatever fun string or ribbon you like.

Finished Alphabet Block Ornaments
Kids vintage letter alphabet blocks turned into Christmas tree ornaments

How to Make Alphabet Block Ornaments

Here are the instructions for making alphabet ornaments for your Christmas tree:

  1. Use the pencil to mark a small X or dot on each block in the location where the hole will go.
  2. Drill out a hole in each block. This hole should go through the entire block if you’re using floral wire for a hangar. If using a screw-eye, just drill out enough wood to fit the screw threads into the block.
  3. If using floral wire, thread both ends of a piece of wire through the hole one the top side. Bend them over to create an anchor on the other side (see photos below).
  4. If using a screw-eye, thread an eye-head screw into each block where the cored hole is. Tie a piece of pretty string or ribbon through the eye.
  5. Hang up your new alphabet block ornaments!

That’s how we made our alphabet block ornaments. We love them! They’re cheery and add some fun to the Christmas tree.

Wire and Red Vintage Alphabet Blocks - Supplies for Christmas Craft
We used green floral wire for the hanging loops because it was easy to thread through the holes in the wooden blocks.
Adding String and Wooden Beads to the Blocks
I also had this pretty string and some wooden beads. We decided not to use it, but if we had, I’d have put a screw eye into the wooden block instead of just a hole through it.
Drilling a hole in an alphabet block to make a Christmas tree ornament
We used a drill press to drill through the wooden alphabet blocks. This basically turned them into giant square wooden beads.
Hole in the Middle of Alphabet Block
Here is an alphabet block with a hole drilled in it.
Hole in Wooden Block - Kids Toys into Ornaments
How to Make Alphabet Block Ornaments for the Christmas Tree
The floral wire was stiff and easy to bend into a loop (and push though the hole).
How to Make Block Ornaments for the Christmas Tree
Threading Wire Through Kids Wooden Play Block
Wire Ends on Block Christmas Ornament
We just bent the ends of the floral wire over to anchor the loop. We did glue some of our other block ornaments that had hanging loops like this, but for these ones we just used the wire bend as an anchor.
Making Tree Ornaments From Wooden Childrens Play Blocks
Finished alphabet block ornaments on the kitchen counter.
Letter Ornament A - DIY Alphabet Block Letter Ornament
Letter “A” Christmas tree ornament made from a kids wooden alphabet block.
Easy Letter Ornament Tutorial with Alphabet Blocks
How to Make an Alphabet Block into a Letter Ornament
Alphabet Block Ornaments on Christmas Tree
Kids wooden block letter alphabet ornaments on Christmas tree
The alphabet block ornaments on the tree!

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